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February 2, 1966

Information on Latin America and Cuba: Delivery of Weapons to Cuba and Latin America

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To comrade Ivan Bashev

Minister of Foreign Affairs



Comrade Bashev,


Please, send the following coded telegram to the embassy in Berlin:


“Get in touch with CC of the German Unified Socialist Party (SED) and inform them about the following:

In November this year a Cuban delegation led by Comandante Pedro Luis Rodriguez visited our country. On behalf of the Cuban leaders, the delegation posed the issue [to] Bulgaria to supply Cuba with arms, medicines, transport and communication equipment, which [was] to be employed for assistance of the national-liberation movements in Latin America, Asia and Africa. According to the delegation, the Cuban leaders made or will make the same request to other European socialist countries as well. The Cuban party and state leaders are going to send the aid to those regions and countries, where according to him there was a revolutionary situation, and to those powers and groups, including the ones not affiliated with the communist parties, which read correctly this situation.


On behalf of the CC of the BCP the delegation received an answer that BCP has assisted and will continue to assist the national-liberation movements, but under the following conditions:


  1. The assistance should be required directly from the leaders of the communist party in the respective country, through Cuba or any other socialist country.
  2. The assistance rendered to the national-liberation movements in those countries should be coordinated among the socialist countries.


We have sent such information to the USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary.”


Head of department “Foreign policy and international relations” to CC of BCP: D. Dichev


In a coded telegram to the Central Committee of the German Unified Socialist Party, Dimo Dichev, Head of the International Relations and Foreign Policy Department of the BCP Central Committee, reports on Bulgaria’s military assistance to Cuba and national liberation movements in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

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Central State Archive of Bulgaria (TsDA), Sofia, Fond 1-B, Opis 51, a.e. 592; translated by Julia Cherneva, edited by Jordan Baev. Obtained by the Bulgarian Cold War Research Group.


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