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November 14, 1967

Information Report Sent by István Garajszki to Deputy Foreign Minister Erdélyi, "Hungarian-Korean Solidarity Meeting in Budapest and Salgótarján,” 14 November 1967.

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                  To Comrade Erdélyi, Comrade Kós, Comrade Várkonyi, Comrade Házi, Comrade

                  Baek, Comrade Mrs. Szücs, Embassy in Pyongyang, Department.


    […] on November 10th the National Council of the Patriotic Front organized a Hungarian-Korean solidarity meeting in Budapest, and the same day the National Council of Trade Unions also organized such a meeting. [These meetings] demanded, above all, the extension of the agreement on the repatriation of the Koreans living in Japan, and condemned the American and South Korean provocations against the DPRK.




    In the course of their conversation, Comrade Choe [Guk-hyeon (Kuk Hyon) ; the 2nd Secretary of the North Korean Embassy] also made the following noteworthy statements in the presence of Comrade Garajszki:


    – The Indonesian Communist Party used wrong tactics by making all its leaders and members known [i.e., by not maintaining an underground organization]. Following the start of the uprising, as soon as it encountered the first signs of opposition, [the party], counting on [the First President of Indonesia] Sukarno, wanted to solve the conflict by peaceful means.


    – He spoke disapprovingly of the haughtiness characteristic of Sukarno’s behavior during his visit in [North] Korea.


    – Speaking of his earlier travel to Ghana, Guinea, and Mali, Comrade Choe stated, among others, that the Negroes are very reticent, they did not mix easily with us,” the blackness of the Negro waiters and the dirty-looking color of their palms made my stomach turn, which prevented me from eating.” These statements of Comrade Choe demonstrate such a Korean attitude toward Negroes that we have not even imagined.




                                                                                                                   István Garajszki     


A report summarizing an agreement to repatriate Koreans in Japan and expressing Choe Guk-hyeon's views on the Indonesian Communist Party, Sukarno, and his trip to Africa.


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MOL, XIX-J-1-j Korea, 1967, 60. doboz, 249, 003277/1/1967. Translated by Balázs Szalontai.


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