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April 25, 1983

Information of the Security Agencies of the VRB about Activities of the Iranian Government against the Iranian People’s Party (Tudeh)

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Department X


Berlin, the 25th of April 1983

X/                       9347         /83


Translation from Russian


Information of the Security agencies of the VRB

About activities of the Iranian government against the Iranian people’s party (Tudeh)


According to information from diplomatic circles in Teheran, the arrests of the leading representatives and members of the “Tudeh-Party” in the beginning of February 1983 are a result of the aggravated internal contradictions of the Iranian ruling elite.


The Islamic Attorney General Tabrizi and the District Attorney of Teheran Ledjewardi and others who are members of the extremely reactionary religious current “Hodjatye”, plan a fast and physical pay off with the cadre of the “Tudeh- Party” and they advocate for it.


The moderate circles around Khomeini showed restraint.


In order to prevent the pay off, the president of the Supreme Court, Ayatollah Moussawi- Ardeball, issued arrest warrants which were finalized on the 6th of February 1983.


Despite the declarations of Tabrizi and Prime Minister Moussawi regarding a trial against the leading representatives of the “Tudeh- Party” who are accused of “espionage” and “hostile” actions, the dispute within Iran’s ruling elite over this matter continues and there is no coherent position.


The extreme right forces advocate that after the trial against the supporters of Bani- Sadr there should also be another trial issued at the end of May 1983 against the “Tudeh- Party”.


The Iranian leader fear an open trail as it could put their relations with the socialist states on ice which is not in the interest of Iran.   


The Syrian president Hafez Assad approached the Iranian leaders and Khomeini himself at the request of the politburo of the Syrian communist party and advocated a release of all imprisoned officials of the “Tudeh- Party”.


Trans.: [handwritten, illegible]

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  1. 1. Ex. Gen. Generaloberst Wolf
  2. 2. Ex. Abl. Department X


Report attempts to analyze the internal and external factors influencing the arrest and trial of members of the People's Party of Iran (Tudeh).

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BStU, MfS, AS 144/86. Obtained by Roham Alvandi and translated by Carla Fischer.


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