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December 1988

Information by the security agencies of the VRB, 'About the Mass Executions of the Leaders of the Tudeh Party and the Political Authorities of the Left in Iran'

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Information by the security agencies of the VRB

About the mass executions of the leaders of the Tudeh- Party and the political authorities of the Left in Iran



According to information provided by a source that was linked to the left opposition in Iran, the Regime in Teheran enforced the execution of leaders and members of the Iranian Peoples Party (Tudeh) which is banned/ prohibited as well as opponents of the Islamic power in November this year.


In the “Ewin”- prison member and candidates of the ZK of the Tudeh- Party were executed, who have already been charged with different terms of imprisonment in relation with the process against their party, among them Kawe Etemazade (son of the member of the politburo of the Tudeh- Party Dr. Behazin), Dr. Ahmad Danesch (for whom Genscher interceded towards Rafsandshani during his recent Iran- visit), Abas Hadshari (secretary for organization question in the ZK), Fatme Modares (who was responsible for women matters), Beit Uschana (member of parliament, arrested end of October this year) and Dr. Borzu (secretary of the commission for foreign affairs of the ZK of the Tudeh- Party).


The number of executed authorities of the Tudeh- Party accounted for over 70 people alone last month. Practically the entire imprisoned party leadership has been liquidated except the members of the politburo and the secretary’s office of the ZK Nureddin Kianouri, his wife Meriam, Ihsan Tabari and Dr. Etemazade Behazin.


These actions of Teheran continue the course on the systematic pay off not only with the members of the Tudeh- Party but also with other political authorities of the Left and opponents of the extremist Islamic regime. In the course of the by now two month lasting campaign of repressive measures, almost half of all the political prisoners in Teheran, Isfahan, Schiras, Gaswin and Tabriz were executed, and more than 80 percent of the imprisoned political authorities of the Left are located in a Sonderhaftanstalt for such prisoners in the city of Karadsch, approximately 30km away from Tehran (“Goardjascht”- prison).


Report on the execution of incarcerated Iranian People's Party (Tudeh) leaders and other political prisoners.

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BStU, MfS, Abt. X, Nr. 562. Obtained by Roham Alvandi and translated by Carla Fischer.


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