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October 15, 1975

Intelligence Note, Polish Embassy in Bucharest, 'Regarding Revival of Relations Between Romania and the PRC'

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Bucharest, 15 October 1975




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Intelligence Note

regarding revival of relations between Romania and the PRC



Significant revival, that has taken place in recent months in relations between Bucharest and Beijing is carefully monitored by the local CD of the Capitalist Countries and is closely followed by the Embassy of the USSR.


Simultaneously with the increasing frequency of visits, their gravity also increased. In comparison with the previous period, the last few months have been characterized by high-level visits from Romania. As an example: three members of the Political Executive Committee ofRCP - P.[aul] Niculescu[-Mizil], I.[lie] Verdeț  and recently I.[osif] Banc visited Beijing.  The attached official visit schedule for this year is an illustration of this state of affairs. Attention should be paid to the increase in the intensity of information and reports about PRC, which is more than just an effect of the country's national holiday, because even after the holiday this information is still present, although slightly less intensive.


According to the Soviet comrades, the activity on the Beijing - Bucharest line is a reaction to a revival of contacts between the USSR and Romania. The visits of the Central Committee Secretaries of the CPSU, Kirylenko and Kałuszew, in connection with the 11th Congress of the RCP and other contacts, in particular on the issues of OSCE were an expression of this revival.


Romanians intend to ease discontent, that has clearly appeared on the Chinese side  and consistently implement the principle of balancing political relations with the Soviet Union, China and other socialist countries – to make the situation more stable.  


There is no doubt that the leadership of the Romanian Communist Party is concerned about the current balance of power inside the PRC and the visits, completed recently, have had a  reconnaissance character.

Soviet comrades calmly discussed the revival of Beijing-Bucharest relations, assuming that demonstration of "too much concern" for these problems would have, from their point of view, adverse effects. In contrast, they follow very closely and analyze carefully developments in the field of relations between Romania and the PRC.


It is possible that this aspect of the Romanian-Chinese relations might have been discussed during the recent visit in Bucharest of the CPSU Central Committee Secretary, Kałuszew, but we have no authoritative confirmation.




Attachment to the Intelligence Note of  10th 15,1975.


Official Romanian - Chinese contacts in the period from

01 1st  to 10th 10,1975


27th  03. - A one-day visit to Beijing, en route to Hanoi of the Deputy Prime Minister Gheorghe Rădulescu. Talks with Chi-kuei, a member of Politburo and First Deputy Prime Minister.

6th 04. - A one-day visit to Bucharest, on the way from Mexico to Beijing of Chen Yun-kuei, a member of Politburo, the Deputy Prime Minister. He held talks with the Deputy Prime Minister G.Rădulescu and Secretary of theCC Ș.[tefan] Andrei.

th 05. - The arrival of the Chinese delegation and state party activists to Bucharest, led by Sin Yuen-Bey, deputy chairman of the Revolutionary Committee of Beijing. The delegation met with Secretary of the Central Committee of RCP losif Uglar.

18th 05. - A trip to Beijing of the Romanian party and state activists delegation. Head of Delegation - Vasile Mușat, a member of the RCP Central Committee, secretary of the Regional Committee Vâlcea.

23rd 05.  the Delegation of the Chinese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, headed by Minister Chun Fu-sian arrived in Bucharest. On 30th 05 the Head of Delegation was received by N. Ceaușescu. At the end of the visit they signed an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the field of posts and telecommunications.

24th 05. - A visit to Beijing of a Romanian government delegation under the leadership of  P. Niculescu, Political Executive Committee member, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Education and Higher Education. The delegation participated in the opening ceremony of the Romanian industrial exhibition in Beijing and was reveived by Chou En-Lai. Niculescu will hold talks also with a member of Politburo, Deputy Li-ulen Sienn.

30th 05. - A Chinese military delegation, headed by  the deputy chief of the General Staff Siang Giung-hua, visited  Bucharest on its way to Yugoslavia. The delegation was received by gen. I.[on] Coman, Deputy Minister of National Defence, the Chief of General Staff.


13th 06. - Chinese military delegation, headed by Tang San-zen, a member of the Central Committee, the commissar of political forces in Szenian, arrived in Bucharest. He held talks with Deputy G.[heorghe] Gomoiu and was received by Minister of National Defense I.[on] Ioniță, as well as a member of NEC, secretary of the CC RCP - Emil Bobu.

A Romanian party and government delegation, led by Ilie Verdeț,  member of the Political Executive Committee, the Secretary of the CC RCP came to Beijing

Immediately before the visit to Beijing, the delegation took part in the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the DPRK. On 08.09. Verdeț was received by Chou En-Lai.

12th 09.  Delegation of Chinese scholars with prof. Go-Chin Tzen was received by the Deputy Prime Minister Paul Niculescu. The delegation participated in the Third International Congress of cybernetics.

19th 09. A delegation of regional party activists with the First Secretary of the Regional Committee RPIC Sălaj, L.[aurean] Tulai, returned from China.


19th 09. - Party delegation headed by Iosif Banc, deputy  member of the Political Executive Committee, Secretary of the Central Committee of RCP went to China


27th 09. - Delegation of Association of Romanian-Chinese Friendship, chaired by Paul Stephen, a member of the RCP Central Committee, secretary of CRZZ went to China

27th 09. - Military delegation headed by Deputy Minister of G. Gomoiu went to China

- Chinese delegation led by Van Chi-Hui, a member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress came to Bucharest

12th 10. - A party delegation, headed by Comrade I. Banc, a deputy member of the CC, RPC secretary of the Central Committee, Chairman of the Central Council of Workers' Control with regards to socio-economic activity, returned from China

The Polish Embassy in Bucharest reports on increasing high level meetings between Romanian and Chinese officials. In their analysis, "Romanians intend to ease discontent, that has clearly appeared on the Chinese side and consistently implement the principle of balancing political relations with the Soviet Union, China and other socialist countries – to make the situation more stable."

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