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March 17, 1962

Intelligence Report on US Plan to Attack Cuba

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On 17 March of this year [redacted text] a report arrived with the following information. The USA has completed preparations for an invasion of Cuba. A final decision by the KENNEDY administration regarding the date of attack on Cuba is still to be made. The main area for concentration of the armed forces of the Cuban counter-revolution is in Guatemala and Panama. An armed attack against Cuba is to start from the territories of Guatemala and Panama, with support of the armed forces of the USA from their naval base in Guantanamo. The pretext for launching the invasion of Cuba will be "appearance of military planes with Cuban markings over the territory of one of the Central American countries."


On 17 March of this year [redacted] informed us that Cuban representative in the UN [Mario Garcia] INCHAUSTEGUI made a telephone call to the Cuban deputy minister of Internal Affairs PINEIRO and said that the USA would in the near future carry out an attack on Cuba and that this is known to [redacted name]. By using the word [redacted], INCHAUSTEGUI implied [redacted]. Under the same number [etim zhe nomerov] [sic] came a request of the leadership of the Cuban MVD [Ministry of Internal Affairs] leadership to inform them on the gist of this issue.


According to com. F.K. MORTIN, the abovementioned information [redacted] was communicated to Havana to be passed to [redacted].


[Redacted paragraph]





17 March 1962


vkh. 365

21.3.62                                                                            [Redacted text]


Intelligence report on possible US plans to invade Cuba. Forces will invade from Guatemala and Panama, "with support of the armed forces of the USA from their naval base in Guantanamo." The report also mentioned Havana's knowledge of the plan.


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