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January 20, 1986

International Olympic Committee Meeting with the DPRK’s National Olympic Committee regarding North Korea’s Participation in the 1988 Olympics

(stamped confidential)

20th January 1986

Château de Vidy 16.00 hours

Persons present :

H.E. Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch, IOC President

For the NOC of the DPR Korea :

Mr. Chung Guk KIM, Vice-President NOC
Mr. Deuk Kil KIM, member of the NOC
Youn Myeung JIN, First Secretary DPR Korea Mission Geneva

Mr. Kim, Vice President of the NOC of the DPR Korea stated that he had reported to his Government regarding the IOC President’s telephone call concerning the participation of the NOC of DPR Korea In a meeting in Rome with the FITA. He felt that his Government’s response would be favourable.

The IOC President stated that he would immediately request the FITA to forward a telex of invitation to the NOC of the DPR Korea.

Mr. Kim then made the following remarks :

1. Co-hosting of the Games and participation in Seoul

Mr. Kim pointed out that his delegation had already mentioned its desire to co-host the Games during the first joint meeting, in addition to the fact that it wished to participate with a single team.

During the second meeting in January, it had been mentioned that some sports could be organised in Pyong-Yang and that a special committee could be established in this respect. The delegation of the DPR Korea had considered that this was a sincere effort on the part of the ICO President for the success of the Games in 1988.

However, the delegation of the DPR Korea could not accept the condition that it must first of all declare its participation in the Games in Seoul. Mr. Kim added that such an argument, if maintained by the IOC, could jeopardise the previous discussions.

In the opinion of the delegation of the DPR Korea, the intention of the meetings in Lausanne was not to seek means for participation of the DPR Korea in the Games but a way of co-hosting the Games.

Mr. Kim stated that the DPR Korea was ready to participate in the Games in Pyong-Yang/Seoul with one team and that the condition of participation in Seoul was irrelevant.

2. Sports events to be held in Pyong-Yang

The delegation of the DPR Korea stated that three sports were insufficient and returned to its original “official” position of at least eight sports.

Mr. Kim requested to know the position of South Korea regarding the sports to be staged in Pyong- Yang, as this would enable the delegation to follow- up its discussions during the meeting with the IOC President on 7th March.

3. Name to be given to the Games in 1988

Mr. Kim reiterated that the delegation of the DPR Korea wished the Games to be called “24th Olympic Games in Pyong-Yang-Seoul” or "24th Olympic Games in Seoul-Pyong-Yang” respectively.

4. Olympic torch relay

Mr. Kim stated that the DPR Korea was interested In being involved with the Olympic torch relay, but requested more precision and greater details in order that the matter could be studied.

The lot President regretted the statements which had been made by delegation and fell that they were not very encouraging. He stressed that under these conditions he was not able to contact the International Federations. It was necessary to have the confirmation of the DPR Korean NOC that it would participate in the Games in Seoul.

The IOC President recommended the delegation to speak with Mr. Siperco, 1st Vice-President of the IOC, who had been acting as the IOC’s advisor on this matter. A meeting was arranged later the same afternoon with Mr. Siperco.

Mr. Kim felt that the conditions placed on his delegation were not diplomatic ones and that the NOC of the DPR Korea could not be asked to recognise the SLOOC.

The IOC President pointed out that he was speaking on behalf of the IOC. He reminded the delegation that a further meeting would be held on 7th March 1986 at 10.00 hours.

Notes on an informal meeting between IOC President Samaranch and members of the North Korean Olympic Committee. North Korea stated that it would want at least eight events to occur on their territory, as opposed to the three offered. North Korea was also interested in involvement with the torch relay and reiterated its desire to include "Pyongyang" in the official name of the Olympics.

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International Olympic Committee Archives (Switzerland), SEOUL’ 88, POLITICAL MATTERS, DE 1982 A MAI 86. Obtained for NKIDP by Sergey Radchenko.


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