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October 14, 1974

Ion Pățan and Ștefan Andrei, 'Memorandum: Issues Raised by the Palestinian Delegation'

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Issues raised by the Palestinian delegation


1. [The Palestinian delegation] proposed that [the Palestinians] provide Romania with 3000 tons of citrus fruit, namely:


- 2000 tons of oranges

- 500 tons of grapefruit

- 500 tons of lemons


The prices the Palestinian requested are above world market prices.


The difference [between the price requested by the Palestinians and world market prices] for the abovementioned quantities amounts to $150,000.


The Palestinian delegation wants this deal to be of a political nature, the difference [between the price requested by the Palestinians and world market prices] representing a form of aid for the Palestinian people. This form of aid, namely the price difference, ought to be granted:


1) either in the form of accepting the prices proposed by the Palestinian delegation and charging the goods accordingly;


2) or in the form of caskets that the Romanians should provide the Palestinians with for free, in the account of the $150,000 difference.


2. The Palestinian delegation requested the following aid:


- 3000 tons of cement

- 5000 tons of reinforcing steel

- 4 bulldozers

- lamb meat

- sewing machines

- knitting machines

- shoe making machines

- looms


3. [The Palestinian delegation] also requested 15 scholarships for Palestinian students for studying in [Romania’s] technical schools.


4. [The Palestinian delegation] mentioned that, in the long run, meaning after the liberation of the occupied territories, Palestine’s cooperation with Romania will consist of building:


- a tomato juice factory;

- an orange juice factory;

- a cement factory;

- a paper factory;

- cattle and sheep farms


Given all of the above, we propose to grant them the following aid:


- 300 caskets for citrus fruit, worth approximately 960,000 lei ($50,000)

- 3000 tons of cement worth 1,160,000 lei [$58,000]

- 100 Ileana sewing machines, worth 180,000 lei [$9,000]

- 15 scholarships for technical schools


The abovementioned sums, together with the international shipping expenses, will be covered from the international solidarity fund.



Ion Pățan



Ștefan Andrei


A memorandum discussing Palestine requesting financial aid and supplies from Romania.

Document Information


ANIC, C.C. al P.C.R., Secţia Economică, doar 12/1974, p.161. Contributed and translated by Eliza Gheorghe.


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