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April 12, 1955

Journal Entry of Ambassador Zhukov: The Arrival of Tikhonov in Jakarta


Iskh. #112/s
12 April 1955

Copy #1

28 March 1955

Today at 16.55 I, along with my wife, Embassy advisor comr. E.G. Zabrodin and diplomatic employees of the Embassy comrs. N.I. Nikitin, Yu.A. Sholmov and P.T. Voloshin went to the "Kemajoran" airport to greet comr. N.S. Tikhonov, who arrived in Jakarta along with interpreter comr. Bykov.

At the airport a large group of Indonesians had gathered. Present, among others, were winner of the Stalin prize, prof. Prijono and his wife, members of parliament Korsono Werdojo of SOBSI [an Indonesian trade union federation] and Saleh Umar of the National Party, representative of the Indonesian MID [Ministry of Foreign Affairs] and chief of the Eastern European sector at the department of European and African countries at the Indonesian MID, Imron Rashidi, the general secretary of SOBSI, Njono, members of the Indonesian Committee of the Supporters of Peace, and representatives of women's, youth and other social and cultural organizations.

By the request of prof. Prijono, comr. N.S. Tikhonov addressed the crowd with a short speech in which he thanked those gathered for the warm greeting, expressed the hope for further growth in relations between our countries, and wished success to the Indonesian Committee of the Supporters of Peace.

In his response speech, prof. Prijono welcomed comr. N.S. Tikhonov and thanked him for visiting Indonesia.

Following this, comr. N.S. Tikhonov was introduced to a number of officials present at the gathering.

During a short discussion I asked comr. N.S. Tikhonov to relate to our interlocutors how he had been received in Burma, bearing in mind what he had told me during our short conversation immediately following his descent from the plane about how he had been received by the President and Prime Minister of Burma.

Imron Rashidi, who was present during the conversation of comr. N.S. Tikhonov with Prijono and other MID representatives, was attentively following comr. N.S. Tikhonov's recounting of his receptions in Burma, and without any doubt informed the leadership of the Indonesian MID.

It should be noted that both the customs authorities and the Dutch airport administration flatly refused to allow prof. Prijono and other officials, including members of parliament, on the airport grounds in the immediate vicinity of the airplane. As a result, upon his descent from the plane, comr. N.S. Tikhonov was greeted only by us.


This journal entry recounts the arrival in Jakarta of the Soviet author N.S. Tikhonov on March 28, 1955. A "large group" of Indonesians, including Prijono (an Indonesian politician and academic who had recently been awarded the Stalin Peace Prize) had gathered at the airport to hear a speech from Tikhonov. Tikhonov addressed the Indonesian crowd and thanked them and offered hopes for further positive Soviet-Indonesian relations.

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Archive of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation (AVPRF), fond 091, opis 11, portfel 4, papka 8, listy 102-103. Obtained for CWIHP by James Hershberg and translated for CWIHP by Daniel Rozas. Included in CWIHP e-Dossier No. 26.


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