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April 12, 1955

Journal Entry of Ambassador Zhukov: Breakfast With Huang Zhen


Iskh. #l13/s
12 April 1955

with the PRC Ambassador Huang Zhen
31 March 1955


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Today at 13.30 the Chinese ambassador Huang Zhen arranged a breakfast in honor of comr. N.S. Tikhonov.

Invited to the breakfast, in addition to comr. N.S. Tikhonov, were, on our side, myself and my wife, comr. Zabrodin and diplomatic employees of the Embassy, comrs. Ulanychev, Nikitin, Kurochkin, Sholmov, and their wives.

Comr. Tikhonov and Huang Zhen exchanged short greetings.

Huang Zhen told me that numerous newspaper articles, including the official pronouncement from the Minister of Information, Tobing, that the Bandung conference delegation from the Democratic Republic of Vietnam will be headed by Ho Chi Minh are incorrect. He received a notice that the delegation will be headed by Pham Van Dong, for whom they are already seeking suitable accommodations.

The military attache, colonel Mao Shen, told me during our conversation that the Indonesian military and police authorities are taking a number of urgent measures to provide security for the buildings which will house meetings of the conference of Asian and African countries, as well as the surrounding area. However, the security situation is not dependable and the command of the 3rd military district, which has been assigned to provide security, has refused to give any type guarantees. This also includes the Jakarta-Bandung highway, which in many places passes through regions prone to "Darul Islam" band activities, which have lately increased their operations.

Mao Shen let me understand that they will have to take steps themselves to provide security for the Chinese delegation.



This journal entry from Zhukov describes the breakfast that was given by Huang Zhen in honor of Soviet author N.S. Tikhonov on March 31, 1955. Zhen and Tikhonov exchanged "short greetings." Zhen then informed Zhukov that numerous newspaper reports stating that Ho Chi Minh will head the North Vietnamese delegation at the upcoming Bandung Conference are incorrect. Mao Shen, the Chinese military attache, also relayed to Zhukov his concern over security issues at the upcoming African-Asian Conference.

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Archive of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation (AVPRF), fond 091, opis 11, portfel 4, papka 8, listy 112-113. Obtained for CWIHP by James Hershberg and translated for CWIHP by Daniel Rozas. Included in CWIHP e-Dossier No. 26.


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