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March 23, 1955

Journal Entry of Ambassador Zhukov: Visit of the PRC Ambassador to Indonesia, Huang Zhen


Iskh. #85/ss
23 March 1955

VISIT of the PRC Ambassador to Indonesia, Huang Zhen
14 March 1955


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Today at 2 hours and 30 minutes, according to prior agreement, I was visited by the PRC Ambassador to Indonesia, Huang Zhen. Following mutual greetings the Ambassador informed me that the Egyptian Ambassador to Indonesia, Ali Fahmi Al-Amroussi, had recently paid him a courtesy visit. During the conversation, the Ambassador had told Huang Zhen that an Egyptian trade delegation will be arriving in Indonesia, one of the goals of which is to reach an agreement on the re-export of Egyptian goods (cotton and rice) to the PRC. Further, Amroussi said that according to newspaper reports Israel is planning to send a trade delegation to the PRC. On this point Amroussi added that negotiations between the PRC and Israel would leave a very negative impression on the Arab League countries and this may reflect on the relations between Arab countries and the PRC.

According to Huang Zhen, he responded to the Egyptian Ambassador by stating that the PRC maintains a policy of establishing and developing relations with all countries on the basis of equal rights, mutual benefit, and mutual respect of territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Huang Zhen told me that he had informed his government of this visit and received instructions to maintain acquaintance with the Egyptian representative. Thus, in line with the protocol of courtesy, Huang Zhen decided to pay the Egyptian Ambassador a reciprocal visit. After consulting the schedule of the Egyptian Ambassador, the Egyptian Embassy informed the PRC Ambassador that the Egyptian Ambassador, due to prior engagement, will be unable to receive Huang Zhen on the proposed day. Soon, Amroussi himself called and asked to relay to Huang Zhen that the Egyptian minister-without-an-office, Anwar Al-Sadat, who is the general secretary of the Muslim Congress, is currently visiting Indonesia. Amroussi added that Anwar Al-Sadat has an important matter [to discuss] with the PRC Ambassador, and asked whether the PRC Ambassador could visit the minister-without-an-office during the period of 20-25 March.

Huang Zhen told me that he visited me in order to consult with me on this matter.

I reminded Huang Zhen of my conversation with the Egyptian Ambassador at the Indian Ambassador's reception, when the Egyptian Ambassador expressed his desire to meet with the PRC Ambassador. Further, I said that it is interesting to note the fact that the Egyptian Ambassador visited Huang Zhen first, contrary to established protocol (the Egyptian has already been in Jakarta for a long time, while Huang Zhen arrived only recently). I added that the Egyptian government quite likely wants to take advantage of the previous acquaintance between Huang Zhen and Amroussi, when they were both diplomatic representatives of their countries in Budapest. I said that, bearing in mind the clear desire of Anwar Al-Sadat to meet with the Ambassador, one can suppose that the Egyptian government is looking for ways to establish contact with the PRC government. Then I expressed my opinion that such a contact may be a preliminary step for organizing a meeting between comr. Zhou Enlai and Egyptian Prime Minister Nasser, both of whom are expected to attend the conference of Asian and African countries.

I expressed my opinion that, given the reasons expressed above, it would be useful for Huang Zhen to meet with the Egyptians.

Huang Zhen expressed his apprehension that such a visit could be reported in the newspapers. To this, I told Huang Zhen that it would probably be useful to agree in advance with the Egyptian Ambassador that the meeting be kept confidential for the time being. Moreover, I added that if some kind of reports do appear in the papers, they will hardly hurt the PRC interests, since this visit is of a protocol, and not official, nature.

The Ambassador thanked me for the advice.

Present at the discussion were 3rd secretary of the USSR Embassy, V.D. Kurochkin, and interpreter of the PRC Embassy, Chao. The conversation took place in Chinese, English and Russian languages.



Journal entry from D.A. Zhukov, the Soviet ambassador to Indonesia, on a March 14, 1955 visit from Huang Zhen, the PRC's ambassador to Indonesia. Zhen relayed to Zhukov that he had been visited by the Egyptian ambassador to Indonesia, Ali Fahmi Al-Amroussi, and that the Egyptians were upset that the PRC was reportedly considering trade with Israel. Zhen sought Zhukov's advice on whether or not to meet with the Egyptians.

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Archive of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation (AVPRF), fond 091, opis 11, portfel 4, papka 8, listy 81-82. Obtained for CWIHP by James Hershberg and translated for CWIHP by Daniel Rozas. Included in CWIHP e-Dossier No. 26.


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