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October 16, 1960

From the Journal of S.M. Kudryavtsev, 'Record of a Conversation with Fidel Castro, 2 September 1960'

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Secret. Copy Nº 1

16 October 1960

Nº 47

from the journal of






2 September 1960


At the airfield I met with Fidel Castro, who came to see off Ambassador Chomon in connection with his departure for Moscow.


The conversation was about yesterday’s rally held in the square in front of the monument to Jose Marti. Fidel Castro asked what impression the rally made on me.


I said in reply that this mass rally which the revolutionary Cuban government rightfully called a Popular General Assembly will undoubtedly have very great importance not only for Cuba itself, but also for the countries of Latin America. I said, this rally struck me not only with its immensity but first of all with its clear demonstration of the solidarity of the Cuban people around the revolutionary government. I further told Fidel Castro that I listened closely to his clear statement, but today I again read the Havana Declaration adopted at this rally which, in my opinion, will have very great importance not only for Cuba itself but will also have great importance in foreign policy terms.


Fidel Castro said for his part that he himself was very satisfied with yesterday’s rally. He continued, I think we gave a worthy response to the Americans and the treacherous governments of the countries of Latin America for their malicious resolution adopted in Costa Rica. We view it as a policy document which will help not only the people of Cuba in the fight American imperialism but also the peoples of Latin America. Fidel Castro continued, we intend to conduct a broad explanatory campaign among the population of the provinces right away, without putting things off, to mobilize them to support the principles presented in the Havana Declaration. We will also take steps for the content of this Declaration to become broadly known to the peoples of the Latin American countries. We will use both Party and diplomatic channels, the press, and the radio for these purposes. Rallies in support of the Havana Declaration will be held throughout the entire country.


The rest of the conversation with Fidel Castro was about ordinary subjects.





Kudyavtsev and Fidel Castro discuss the rally held the day before where the Havana Declaration was adopted.

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AVP RF, F. 0104, Op. 16, P. 116, D. 4, ll. 107-108. Obtained by James G. Hershberg and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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