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August 28, 1961

From the Journal of S.M. Kudryavtsev, 'Record of a Conversation with Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba Fidel Castro Ruz, 4 August 1961'

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from the journal of


Secret. Copy Nº 2

28 August 1961

Nº 277



with Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba

Fidel Castro Ruz


4 August 1961


I met with Fidel Castro and in accordance with instructions [I] had I informed him about the results of the visit of Popovic, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs of the SFRY, in Moscow. I said in this connection that at the end of last year the Yugoslav government had proposed exchanging visits between the Soviet and Yugoslav ministers of foreign affairs.


[Popovic was in the USSR from 7 through 13 July 1961]


[The question of general disarmament and the position of Yugoslavia was discussed]


[The Yugoslavs consider the current structure of UN management an anachronism, but oppose the appointment of three secretaries, in order not increase to artificially strengthen the division of all countries into three groups]

[Popovic reported that invitation[s] to the conference of neutral countries from Latin America have already been sent to Brazil (it took part in a preliminary meeting in Cairo), Ecuador, and Bolivia; almost all opposed India’s idea to invite the European neutral countries]


[The US has put pressure on the countries of Latin America not to take part in the conference]


[An invitation to the Minister of Defense of Cuba Juan Almeida to the USSR to take part in Soviet Army exercises with the purpose of training]




Ambassador of the USSR in the Republic of Cuba

(S. Kudryavtsev)


Kudryavtsev informs Fidel Castro of the results of the Yugoslav State Secretary for Foreign Affairs' visit in Moscow.

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AVP RF, F. 0104. Op. 17, P. 118, D. 4, ll. 180-185. Obtained by James G. Hershberg and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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