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February 15, 1958

Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 15 February 1958

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15 February 1958


I was present together with the Embassy's diplomatic staff at the laying of a wreath by the Chinese government delegation at the monument to the Liberation of Korea from Japanese Imperialists by the Soviet Army. During the laying of the wreath delegation member, Deputy Premier of the State Council, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Chen Yi was in a marshal's uniform (during arrival in Pyongyang and at the rally Chen Yi was in civilian dress).


At the invitation of Kim Il Sung I participated in the delegation's view of the city from Mount Moranbon. During the viewing Nam Il informed [us] that the Korean government delegation for the talks has been approved. It will consist of Kim Il Sung (head of the delegation), Nam Il, Kim Il, Kim Gwang-hyeop, and the DPRK Ambassador to the PRC. The talks will be held today. Today after the reception the Chinese government delegation will leave for the Heungnam mineral fertilizer plant. The delegation will be accompanied by Kim Il Sung, Nam Il, and Ri Gwon-mu (Chief of Staff of the KPA). On 16 February the delegation will inspect the Hungnam mineral fertilizer plant and go to Wonsan to inspect defense construction. From Wonsan the delegation will head to the headquarters of the Chinese people's volunteers by train from the Wonsan Station to the Inphe [sic] Station and from there by car. The delegation will spend 17 and 18 February at the headquarters of the Chinese people's volunteers. Kim Il Sung and the rest of our comrades will not be with the delegation at the headquarters.


I asked Nam Il, what considerations caused this circumstance?


Nam Il replied that Zhou Enlai invited them to be with them at the headquarters of the people's volunteers. But evidently Zhou Enlai and delegation members want to deal with some of their own matters. Nam Il added, the truth is, we do not know the nature of the events which the delegation will hold in the area of the location of the Chinese people's volunteers.


Nam Il reported that the signing of the Communiqué about the results of the talks will be held on the morning of 19 February. After the signing Zhou Enlai will speak at a session of the Supreme People's Assembly.


Nam Il addressed a request to me, cannot [we] find out through the USSR MFA about the responses and comments which will be made in various countries in connection with the publication of the Communiqué which will speak about the withdrawal of the Chinese people's volunteers from the DPRK during 1958[?]


I told Nam Il that I would inform the USSR MFA about this request.




I presented Pak Jeong-ae with a CPSU CC letter addressed to the KWP CC. The letter was typed (Kim Il Sung requested the letter be presented to Pak Jeong-ae inasmuch as he was busy with the Chinese government delegation the entire day).


During the conversation with took place Pak Jeong-ae briefly said that the meetings with the Chinese government delegation took place in a cordial and friendly atmosphere. At the insistent request of the Chinese friends yesterday's rally was held in a city theater, and not in a square as is usually done during the arrival of the government delegations of other countries. Pak Jeong-ae also briefly touched on the economic successes in construction achieved by the DPRK last year.




In the evening a reception was held in the Cabinet of Ministers in honor of the Chinese government delegation. Kim Il Sung and Zhou Enlai exchanged speeches at the reception. Zhou Enlai warmly told of the great successes of the Korean people and repeatedly stressed the leading role of the Soviet Union in the socialist camp.


During the reception Minister of Internal Affair Pang Hak-se shared his impressions of the visit in the Soviet Union to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the existence of the state security organs. Pang Hak-se expressed great satisfaction at the reception and meeting with ministers of internal affairs of the other countries of people's democracy. Pang Hak-se said, I went from Moscow to Tashkent and Alma-Ata, where I saw my relatives. A great deal has changed in those 12 years since I was in those cities. The cities seem much more well-equipped and clean. The Uzbek and Kazakh peoples have grown very noticeably in the cultural sense. A considerably larger number speak Russian well. They live more prosperously.


Romanian Ambassador Anton Tatu Jianu reported that a Romanian government delegation headed by Chivu Stoica will visit the DPRK in April, around the 10th.


Puzanov discusses his participation in the laying of the wreath by the Chinese delegation at the monument to the Liberation of Korea, the satisfactory reception for the delegation, and presenting Pak Jeong-ae with a letter from the CPSU CC.

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AVPRF F. 0102, Op. 14, Delo 6, Listy 32-60. Translated for NKIDP by Gary Goldberg.


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