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April 27, 1957

Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 27 April 1957

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Nº 105 Copy Nº 1

27 April 1957


[faded USSR MFA Stamp: 01263s

17 May 1957]


The Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A. M. PUZANOV

for the period 13 to 27 April 1957








27 April 1957


I visited Nam Il and informed him that in connection with the request of the DPRK government the Soviet government had charged the USSR Ministry of Defense with selecting 15 candidates for work in the KPA [Korean People's Army] as military specialists and consultants, taking into account the possibility of using the military advisers now located in Korea.


Nam Il said, "Very good, and we also had in mind that the consultants will be selected taking into account the military advisers now located in the KPA".


I told Nam Il that on 2 May I would like to hold a comradely lunch at my dacha to which Cdes. Kim Il Sung, Choe Yong-geon [Pak Yong Gon], Pak Jeong-ae [Pak Jong Ae], and Nam Il are invited, and possibly also other comrades who in his opinion ought to be invited.


Having exchanged opinions, [we] came to the conclusion to invite those comrades who had previously been invited in just the [above] group inasmuch as the lunch will be at the dacha but space there is limited, and to invite all members and candidate members of the KWP CC Presidium after the move of the Embassy to a new building for closer acquaintance and the establishment of friendly and comradely relations.


In connection with the fact that Kim Il Sung is ill at the present time, Nam Il consulted by telephone with Pak Jeong-ae and then with Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung expressed gratitude and said that it will be on 2 May. Then Nam Il informed him about the decision which had been made by the Soviet government concerning military specialists and consultants.


In the conversation which took place I informed Nam Il about the TASS statement in connection with Dulles' 22 April speech. Nam Il asked if it were possible to send the TASS statement to him so that he could familiarize DPRK ambassadors in the countries of people's democracy with it who are at a conference right now in the Foreign Ministry.


I said that I would do [this].


Speaking of the state of health of Kim Il Sung, Nam Il noted that Kim Il Sung's health had recently become worse. Evidently the intra-Party struggle which had taken place in the past two years has had an influence. Nam Il then noted that during these two years he had experienced greater difficulties, agitation, and all sorts of stress than even in wartime, but now we have cohesion, complete unity, and mutual trust in the Presidium. Presidium members actively participate in the discussion of issues which are brought up. There is not that suspiciousness which there was previously when the most important and secret issues became the possession of their close acquaintances via some people.






Puzanov and Nam Il discuss the possibility of Soviet military advisers to North Korea. Then they talk about the guest list for a comradely lunch, the TASS statement, and Kim Il Sung's deteriorated health due to the stresses of party consolidation.

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AVPRF F. 0102, Op. 13, P. 72, Delo 5, Listy 16-35. Translated for NKIDP by Gary Goldberg.


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