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June 4, 1960

Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 4 June 1960

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13 June 1960 2[[7]] June 1960]


[Handwritten notations:

to [[illegible name] and

G. Ye. Samsonov]




of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A. M. Puzanov for the period

1 through 11 June 1960






4 June 1960


Yesterday at the end of the workday in connection with Moscow's instructions to visit Kim Il Sung and hand him the 2 June CPSU CC letter I asked Minister Pak Seong-cheol (Embassy interpreter D. A. Priyemsky spoke by telephone) to arrange my meeting with Kim Il Sung at any time on 4 June. In the process the following was said:


The Ambassador knows from you that Cde. Kim Il Sung is resting but the Ambassador has instructions to visit Cde. Kim Il Sung personally and hand him a CPSU CC letter with important content. Therefore the Ambassador, if this is necessary and acceptable, can go there where Kim Il Sung is himself at any time convenient for him.


This morning Pak Seong-cheol said by telephone that my request was passed to Cde. Kim Il Sung yesterday. The latter asked to inform [me] that he is returning to Pyongyang on Tuesday, 7 June and can receive [me] that day. If the mission is urgent, then he requests that [I] visit Deputy KWP CC Chairman Kim Chang-man.


I replied to Pak Seong-cheol that the mission I have is urgent.


A meeting was held with Kim Chang-man during the day in the KWP CC.


I read and delivered the 2 June CPSU Central Committee letter addressed to the KWP Central Committee. I said that similar letters were sent to the CC's of Communist and worker's Parties of all the countries of the socialist camp.


Kim Chang-man expressed gratitude and said that the content of the letter would be immediately passed to Cde. Kim Il Sung.


In the course of the conversation I informed Kim Chang-man that the CPSU delegation to the third congress of the Romanian Worker's Party would be headed by Cde. N. S. Khrushchev.


I told Kim Chang-man about the press conference held yesterday by Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers Cde. N. S. Khrushchev and his statement concerning the main provisions of a treaty about general and complete disarmament.


Kim Chang-man said that this morning they had received through TASS channels materials about the press of Cde. N. S. Khrushchev concerning the new proposals about general and complete disarmament, and the materials are being translated into Korean right now. Tomorrow, 5 June, the materials which were received will be published in the press. Kim Chang-man said we are familiar with the main new provisions in the Soviet proposals from the information of Minister Pak Seong-cheol which you gave him on 1 June and from radio reports. The KWP CC will completely support the new proposals of the Soviet government concerning general and complete disarmament.


Kim Chang-man expressed gratitude for the collection, "Mir bez oruzhiya, mir bez voyn" sent him.


I told Kim Chang-man that in the near future we would receive several dozen copies of "Biography of V. I. Lenin". With your agreement we could sent it to KWP CC and DPRK government leaders.


Kim Chang-man expressed gratitude and said that they would be pleased.


Pak Yong-guk was present at the conversation.


The conversation was interpreted by USSR Embassy in the DPRK interpreter D. A. Priyemsky and CC official Kim Gi-nam.



Puzanov urgently delivers a CPSU Central Committee letter to Kim Chang-man and informs Kim about Khrushchev's statement on general and complete disarmament.

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AVPRF fond 0102, opis 16, delo 6, p.188-208. Translated for NKIDP by Gary Goldberg.


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