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April 13, 1982

KGB Annual Report for 1981 (Excerpts)



No. 728-A/OV To Comrade L. I. Brezhnev

Report on the Work of the Committee on State Security of the USSR for 1981

The activities of the Committee on State Security were fully devoted to the task of faithfully carrying out the decisions of the 26th CPSU Congress and were pursued in strict accordance with the Constitution of the USSR and with Soviet laws.
. . . .
The [KGB's] foreign intelligence service has sought to thwart the crude interference by the USA and other NATO countries and their special services in the internal affairs of Poland and to ward off their encroachments on the foundations of socialism in the PPR. The foreign intelligence service also has sought to discredit the counterrevolutionary forces in that country.. . .
. . . .
More than 30 anti-Soviet and other politically hostile groups were uncovered. Attempts to form nationalist groups in Ukraine, the Baltic republics, Armenia, and certain other republics were crushed. . . .
. . . .
More than 70 Solidarity activists, who were inciting strikes among Polish workers employed at construction sites in the Soviet Union, were discovered and expelled from the USSR. A provocative strike action in Estonia, instigated from abroad, was broken up.

Chekist agencies provided active help to party organs and administrative bodies to prevent conflicts from growing in labor collectives, including at a number of defense enterprises.
. . . .
Mass subversive ideological actions, aimed at the personnel of Soviet military units in Poland and Afghanistan, were disrupted. A number of attempts to form groups of servicemen around politically hostile aims were thwarted.
. . . .
The leadership, Collegium, and Party Committee of the USSR KGB assure the CPSU Central Committee, the CC Politburo, and Comrade L. I. Brezhnev personally that the Chekists always will stand together with their native Leninist party and with their people. They will always play a worthy part in efforts to fulfill the grand program of Communist construction and the program to uphold peace and international security, as laid out by the XXVI Congress.

Chairman of the Committee [signed] Yu. Andropov

No. 289-op

In this report Andropov describes the successes of the KGB and Cheka in subverting the infiltration of counterintelligence of NATO countries and Solidarity in the Soviet Union.

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APRF, F. 81, Op. 3, D. 2556, No. 289-op, first published in CWIHP Special Working Paper 1. A copy is also available in Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Dmitriĭ Antonovich Volkogonov papers, 1887-1995, mm97083838.


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