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King Faisal's Visit to Amman

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King Faisal's visit to Amman


The visit by King Faisal and Crown Prince Abdel-Bah of Iraq co Jordan cook place in a strange atmosphere, very unusual for visits of a similar nature by high-ranking officials and non officials to countries they are very closely linked to, such as the relationship between Iraq and Jordan ... The two-day special programme put in place for the royal visit was limited to a number of specific activities, such as a visit to the West Bank and other important sites, and serving special meals. Prominent Jordanian personalities who were eager to welcome the King, see him off at the airport, or meet with him at the royal palace, were unable to do so. The programme specifically indicated who among the officials, was allowed to see the King, and the list included only a number of ministers and undersecretaries of ministries; members of the upper and lower houses of parliament and the masses were unable to meet his Majesty.


Negotiations that were held during the visit were surrounded by absolute secrecy. The issues discussed covered Iraq's accession to the Turkish-Pakistani Alliance, Jordan's position regarding the Alliance, the extent to which Iraq is ready to assist Jordan financially and militarily in view of the increasing power of the Jews, and coordinating the two countries' policies round issues on the Arab League's agenda.


Jordan's Prime Minister Tewfiq abu al-Huda's sudden departure from Amman to Beirut, while HM King Faisal was still visiting Jordan, attracted much attention and became the subject of discussion and astonishment in political circles where rumours and speculation abounded and contradicted one another. I, however, managed to learn from a trustworthy source chat the reason for this sudden visit is to prepare for the 'young' Iraqi King’s visit to the Lebanese capital and the discussions that he will hold with the Lebanese officials, and especially those regarding Lebanon's position towards the said Alliance. Baha’ al-Din Touqan, Undersecretary of the Jordanian Foreign Ministry, said that abu al-Huda had gone to Lebanon because the Iraqi Prime Minister was not with King Faisal and there was a need to secure the underlying objectives of the King's visit there. This would allow the negotiators to reach a successful outcome, one that would please the British, and repel any intrigues and conspiracies by the enemies of Britain in the Middle East that aim to thwart these negotiations ...


The results of the visit were bitterly disappointing to the Jordanians due to all the secrecy and rumours that surrounded it and to the pressures and restrictions imposed on the people.

King Faisal's visit to Amman includes visits to nearby areas like the West Bank and a secret round of negotiations on regional alliances, and Tewfiq abu al-Huda suddenly departs Amman for Beirut during this trip.


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