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Kurdish Activities in al Jazeera

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Kurdish activities in al-Jazeera


After the formation of the latest government in the Soviet Union under the leadership of Bulganin and Khrushchev, Kurdish leaders were able to contact Soviet leaders and reconfirm the date that the previous Russian Government had set for the establishment of an independent Kurdish Soviet Republic. Last month the Kurds engaged in their new activity of preparing Kurdish youth to follow Kurdish Army leader Mostapha Mull al-Barazani who is now on Russian soil, and the Armenian Government Aryoan.


Information reaching the Syrian Government indicates that all the Kurds in al-Jazeera are now heavily armed ahead of any eventual unexpected attack by the Turks and, on the other hand, are getting ready to join the first organised armed Kurdish Movement against Turkey in pursuit of their original goal of establishing a Kurdish Republic.


I am very sure that Khālid Bikdāsh (Khaled Beikdache), and the leaders of the Communist in Aleppo and al-Jazeera, attach a lot of importance to this issue, i.e. to the arming of the Kurds, Armenians and communists, especially since it is thanks to the joint efforts of Khaled Beikdache and Akram Haurani that they were able to appoint many communists to positions in al-Jazeera, mainly at the Offices of Grains and Food Supplies, Traffic Police, Sûreté Générale, Customs, and Civil Status Department, and as school teachers and the latter are trying their best to assist the Kurds, communists, Armenians and socialists. Because of all that:


There are many big and serious transgressions at the Civil Status Department and bribery is rife. Hundreds of suspect and dangerous individuals from Iraq, Persia, Azerbaijan, and Russia enter Syria with or without identity papers and without the slightest surveillance.


Among these, members of the Traffic Police and Sûreté Générale also assist Turkish individuals to infiltrate Syrian territory in return for financial rewards.


As for school teachers, it is certain that they are receiving bribes from internal and external communist circles; al-Jazeera has become 80 per cent communist and the situation there is not at all reassuring. They say in Aleppo’s communist circle that Russian officers in civilian clothes are now living in al-Jazeera to train young Kurds and communists on all types of weapons including hand-grenades, mines, and other forms of military equipment.

Description of Kurdish armament against Turkey in pursuit of a Kurdish Republic and communication with the Soviet Union.


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