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March 15, 1989

Letter, Acting Minister for State Security of the DPRK, Kim Yong Ryong, to Minister for State Security of the German Democratic Republic, Comrade Erich Mielke

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Translation from the Russian Language







Minister for State Security of the

German Democratic Republic

Comrade Erich Mielke





Dear Comrade Minister!


Please allow me to inform you that I received your letter with great joy, according to which the Ministry for State Security of the GDR will once again send an airplane with voluminous technical instruments worth 66,000 Marks and according to which your ministry is prepared to receive a delegation of EDP[1] specialists from the Ministry for State Security.


All personnel of the Ministry for State Security of the DPRK wish to express their sincerest thank you to you personally and to all personnel of the MfS[2] of the GDR that you provide us with such an active material-technological and moral assistance and support.


The valuable special technology provided by you will serve as a great contribution to the safeguarding of the festival, which is taking place in Pyongyang—for the first time on the Asian continent—under the slogan “For Antiimperialist Solidarity, Peace, and Friendship,” and it will become a strong inspirational force for all our personnel.


Permit me to state with satisfaction that the relations of friendship and cooperation between our two organs are being solidified and developed at a very high level, and I hereby express my conviction that the relations of friendship and cooperation between our two countries and our organs will incessantly expand and evolve in the spirit of the agreements reached at the historical meetings and talks between the leaders of our two countries.


We will receive the personnel of the MfS of the GDR, who are bringing solidary material assistance, with warm hospitality.


Permit me to inform you that our ministry will send you a delegation of 4 EDP specialists on March 23, 1989, for the duration of 7 days.


Members of the delegation and fields of activity:


Leader of the delegation: Li Zon Son [sic] – deputy of the head of the office

Members of the delegation:

Pak Zen Hek [sic] – departmental head

Hen Ju Sok [sic] – departmental head

Interpreter (Russian): Tsoi Tschan Sen [sic] – instructor


The fields of activity are included as an attachment.


I am convinced that this time, too, like on earlier occasions, you will undertake all efforts so that our delegation will attain its goal during its stay in your country.


I would like to use this opportunity to wish you great success in your responsible activity, the best of health, and personal welfare.



Pyongyang, March 15, 1989 With socialist regards,

Kim Yong Ryong

Acting Minister for State Security of the DPRK


[1] EDP = Electronic Data Processing

[2] Ministry for State Security

North Korea's Acting Minister for State Security thanks Erich Mielke for East Germany's support for the DPRK intelligence services and describes an upcoming delegation scheduled to visit the GDR.


Document Information


BStU, MfS, Abt. X, Nr. 244, p. 92-93. Obtained and translated by Thomas Stock.


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