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September 9, 1958

Letter addressed by the CC of the CPSU to the CC of the RWP on the recall of Soviet advisors from Romania


Dear Comrades,

We would like to consult with you on the suitability of the further presence of Soviet advisors and other experts working in your country.

As early as the month of January 1957, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union presented to you its views on this matter and, after due exchange of opinions, the number of Soviet advisors in Romania was considerably reduced. Nevertheless, a number of Soviet experts are still working in your country.

We take notice with satisfaction of the high appreciation of the Soviet experts' role, repeatedly expressed by you. At the same time, we cannot but see that qualified cadres have been trained in your country, who have got great expertise in all domains of economy and culture. Under the circumstances, in our opinion the further presence of the Soviet advisors and experts in Romania might hamper to some extent the development of your own workers.

Hence, we would consider it useful to recall from the Romanian People's Republic all Soviet advisors and experts and, to examine together with you maximum reduction, in the future, of the number of Soviet experts providing technical aid. We also take into account the fact that, practically speaking, it is difficult for us to have in our field of vision the activity of each and every Soviet expert working in Romania. Having extensive skill and knowledge in their field of activity, some of our experts are not always conversant with matters related to the political situation and the national particularities of your country. Therefore, some misunderstandings might occur, which is not to the advantage of our fraternal relations.

Addressing you again in this matter, we started exclusively from the interest of permanently strengthening and broadening the many-sided links between our countries and we take care that all outdated forms of our mutual relations should not hamper the development and deepening of the friendship between our socialist states.

Certainly, we are ready to offer expert help to the Romanian People's Republic in the future as well, if you would express this wish.

Our mutual cooperation in exchanges of experience might materialize in the future by sending our experts to examine your achievements in the field of economic and cultural building, as well as in the field of defense, and by sending, on a reciprocity basis, young people to study at higher education institutions. Other forms of mutual aid and of relationships between our socialist countries might also be used.

We would like the Central Committee of the Romanian Workers' Party to be so kind as to examine the problems raised in this letter and let us know its opinion.

At the same time, we deem necessary to inform you that identical letters have been sent by us to the Central Committees of communist and workers' parties in other countries.

With communist greetings,
The Central Committee of the CPSU
September 9, 1958


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Central Historical National Archives, Fund CC of the RCP - Foreign Relations Section, File 6/1955, pp. 719-720. Translated by Delia Razdolescu.


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