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June 13, 1958

Letter, Akhtar Hussein to Comrade Mukhitdinov

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13 June 1958


Dear Comrade Mukhitdinov,


Having returned from our exceptionally pleasant and informative visit through Central Asia, I feel the need to express special gratitude to you for your kind personal cooperation in arranging the trip.


You will probably be happy to learn that what we saw in Uzbekistan, as well as the other republics, left a deep imprint in our memory. Enormous achievements in the field of social and material well-being, which have already been reached, deserve to be better known than they are now. Allow me to use this opportunity to congratulate the leadership of Uzbekistan, including you, comrade Mukhitdinov, who made such outstanding progress in such a short time possible, and also to wish Uzbekistan even greater achievements and prosperity in the future.


And finally, let me say that, I, personally, as well as my family were touched to the depths of our souls by the kindness and hospitality shown to us by each person in Uzbekistan, which made us feel as if we were surrounded by family [v krugu svoikh rodnykh]. In this connection allow me to mention the names of President Rashidov and Mr. Sharif Kaiumovich Shirinbaev, the Chairman of the Uzbek Society for Cultural Ties with Foreign Countries.


With the warmest greetings from all of us.


Sincerely yours,


Akhtar Hussein.





Ambassador Akhtar Hussein reports on his visit to Uzbekistan and other republics.


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RGANI, Fond 5, op 30, d. 272, ll. 86-87. Obtained by translated by Artemy Kalinovsky.


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