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April 20, 1946

Letter from Bagirov to Stalin and Molotov about Qavam delaying talks with the Iranian Azerbaijani government

To Cde. Stalin

To Cde. Molotov


Pishevari and our people from Tabriz report that for some reason Qavam has delayed his promised talks with the leaders of the national government of Iranian Azerbaijan. At the same time an intensified concentration of large military units, gendarmerie, and special punitive detachments continues in the areas of Qazvin, Takab, Saqqez, and Serdesht.


Moreover, since morning of the 17th of April an offensive of large detachments of Iranian troops began from the area of Takab to Sha’in Dezh and from the area of Saqqez to Bokan.


For four days Iranian troops, using artillery, mortars, and heavy machine guns, have been waging battles against fedai detachments. The fedai, suffering large losses, are offering stubborn resistance, and as a result Iranian troops have not been able to move forward into Azerbaijani territory.


It seems to us that with these actions Qavam on the one hand wants to check the defensive ability of the national government and on the other hand is inspiring the reactionary forces and causing disorders inside Azerbaijan.


Pishevari requests that our ambassador in Tehran raise the question to the Iranian government about stopping the military operations which it has begun and accelerate talks to resolve the question of Iranian Azerbaijan.


At the same time, Pishevari requests he be permitted, if the situation requires, to continue organized resistance to the Iranian troops with popular militia battalions.


For our part we request your instructions to Cde. Sadchikov about influencing Qavam in order that he cease military operations and immediately begin talks for a peaceful resolution of Azerbaijani question.


M. D. Bagirov



I. I. Maslennikov



20 April 1946


[transmission and receipt blocks at the bottom:


Sent 1750 20 April 1946

OPS Duty Officer Kupryazhina

Received by Korshunova


Checked 1800 20 April 1946

OPS Duty Officer Kupryazhina]



A letter from Bagirov to Stalin and Molotov about Qavam delaying talks with the Iranian Azerbaijani government and the presence of offensive Iranian troops.

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GAPPOD, f.1, op.89, d.112. Obtained for CWIHP by Jamil Hasanli and translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.


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