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March 25, 1959

Letter from B.G. Gafurov to CC CPSU regarding a Meeting for the Fourth Anniversary of the Bandung Conference

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USSR Academy of Sciences

Institute of Oriental Studies


25 March 1959




In 1957 and 1958 the Institute of Oriental Studies held special sessions of its scientific council with participation by ambassadors from the Bandung countries. These sessions received quite a positive evaluation by the USSR MFA. In a letter to the president of the USSR Academy of Sciences the USSR MFA suggested that it would be advisable to hold such meetings in the future.


Considering these wishes, and taking into account the situation in the East, we believe that it would be desirable to hold a meeting devoted to the fourth anniversary of the Bandung conference this year on April 18. If this is approved, we suggest to invite diplomatic representatives of the Bandung countries and to ask the ambassadors of the UAR [United Arab Republic], India, and Ceylon to make short speeches. If the ambassadors of the UAR and India do not wish to speak we will make similar requests to the ambassadors of Afghanistan and Iran.


We request your approval to hold, following the practice of previous years, a reception for 50 people after the meeting of the scientific council.


Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences

B. G. Gafurov


[NB: A note dated 7 April 1959 from the Department of Science, Higher Education, and Schools of the CC CPSU joins the MID and International Department in advising against this meeting in light of the “present international situation in the East.” ]



Request to the CC CPSU to hold a conference honoring the anniversary of the Bandung Confernece.


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RGANI, Fond 5, op 35, delo 118, l. 38. Obtained and translated by Artemy Kalinovsky.


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