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April 1, 1989

Letter, Brig. Gen. Zenon Trzciński to Comrade Col. Czesław Żmuda

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ZK. Og-00166/89

Warsaw, 1989–04–01

Top secret

Copy no. 1

Chief of Staff


Comrade Col. Czesław ŻMUDA

In reply to letter no. AWZ-IV-0024/89 of January 30, 1989 on the Seventeenth International Forensic Symposium in Pyongyang, I kindly ask that the DPRK's Ministry of Public Security (MPS) be informed that:

1. The composition of the delegation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MSW) of the People’s Republic of Poland to this Symposium to take part in the symposium:

- Brig. Gen. Dr Zbigniew Nowicki, deputy Commandant of the Citizens’ Militia – head of delegation,

- Col. Dr Tadeusz Rydzek, head Forensic Laboratory  of the Citizens’ Militia Headquarters – delegation member

- Col. Piotr Prochnowski, M.A. – head of the Crime Prevention Department of the Citizens’ Militia Headquarters – delegation member,

- Col. Dr Stanisław Czerw, head of the Chair of Forensic Studies MSW Academy – delegation member,

- Col. Dr Lucjan Wiśniewski – head of the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Internal Military Service (WSW) – delegation member,

- Sgt Joanna Łuczyńska-Nowak, member of the Scientific and Technological Information Department of the Forensic Laboratory of the  Citizens’ Militia Headquarters – Russian language translator;

[stamp on the left margin: “Chief  of Staff  of the Minister of Internal Affairs. Received [19]89-04-03; Foreign Department of the Office of the Minster of Foreign Affairs–IV–0024/89; initialed”]

2. The delegation in the above-mentioned composition will arrive at Pyongyang on September 14 at 12.40 on a East German INTERFLUG  Airlines Berlin-Pyongyang flight. The delegation will leave Pyongyang on September 28 at 9.00  on a Pyongyang-Moscow flight.

At the same time, I request that you forward to the Symposium Organizers the attached paper and two scientific reports, with additional information that the second of the submitted papers (“Identifying perpetrators by means of DNA analysis”) be dispatched by April 15 of this year. As agreed, the Polish delegation will bring to Pyongyang complete documentation on the application of laser and computer technology in forensic science: semi-automatic fingerprint registration system as requested by the DPRK MPS delegation during their visit to Warsaw last February.


Brig. Gen. Zenon Trzciński

Att. 3

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Copy no. 1 – addressee

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Compiled by TR/JŁN

Cor[respondence] reg[ister] no.  F–9 /89

A delegation from Poland's Ministry of Internal Affairs plans to travel North Korea in order to participate in the Seventeenth International Forensic Symposium in Pyongyang


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AIPN, 1583/16343. Contributed by Marek Hańderek and translated by Jerzy Giebułtowski.


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