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November 30, 1945

Letter from Clarence E. Pickett, Executive Director of the American Friends Service Committee and Chair of the American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service to Hanns Gramm

November 30, 1945


Hanns Gramm

Box 940

Reading, Pa.


Dear Hanns:


I thought you would be interested to know that last Wednesday I presided at the setting up of the organization called Cooperative America for Remittances to Europe, called CARE for short.

This organization has a paid-in capital of $200,000 furnished by about twenty private foreign relief agencies. It has a pledged capital of $1,500,000. Donald Nelson has been appointed Executive Director and was there to take over and begin operations at once.

They have already been able to secure from the Army 7,000,000 parcels of Army rations, each parcel consisting of a balanced ration for ten men for one day, 4,000 calories each. [Handwritten insertion on the right margin: Corrected 12/3. 40,000 (illegible).] These are being shipped promptly and a plan for the purchase of making remittances which will release the parcels to individuals in Europe will be in operating shape, so Mr. Nelson hopes, well before Christmas. They will probably be on sale in all retail shops and also banks. Mr. Nelson showed real understanding of the problem, and I believe will make it good.

The question was raised whether parcels could be sent to Germany and there was no opposition except it was realized that because of the postal service in Germany, delivery is uncertain. Mr. Nelson was strongly of the opinion that as soon as possible it should be arranged to send parcels to Germany.

I write you this especially because I know that you and Mr. Thun and others have been deeply concerned about this matter, and I hope you will give this information to them. It is not possible to announce it to the public yet until the machinery is ready for people to make remittances, but it will be announced shortly.


Very sincerely yours,

Clarence E. Pickett

Executive Secretary


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In a letter to Hanns Gramm, a member of the Board of Directors at the American Friends Service Committee, Clarence E. Pickett describes the establishment of an organization called the Cooperative America for Remittances to Europe (CARE).

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