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April 2, 1957

Letter, to the Deputy Chair of the Soviet of Ministers, M.G. Pervukhin, Regarding Radio Technology

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2 April 1957 Secret


To the Deputy Chair of the Soviet of Ministers of the USSR, Comrade M.G. Pervukhin


The task of the working out and preparation of radio apparatuses for countries with a tropical climate stands before the radio technology industry of the Soviet Union.


This requires the creation of new specialists in radio-detail, electrical elements, and the preparation of special materials and covers, and the mastering of specific capabilities in construction and testing.


The use of the great experience of foreign radio firms, who have already tested radio equipment in tropical climates for some ten years, would significantly speed up the development of the work.  However, a familiarity with the technical materials and the acquisition of models and devices through official channels has not taken place.


At the same time, through the visiting of large industrial exhibits, such as last year’s Paris Exhibit, for example, our specialists managed to look over several devices for the tropics and had the opportunity to buy several models through private means.


We consider it necessary to use all possible means [to achieve] the goal of the full use of foreign technical experience.  In order to reduce the amount of time [required] for the mastering of tropical [radio] apparatuses and to reduce state expenditures on scientific research and testing-experimentation work, initially [we should] send a group of specialists to the international Paris Exhibit which is opening on 25 May of this year.


The leader of this group should have the means to establish contacts with representatives of foreign firms, purchase models on location, and if possible, look over several factories.


We request the verification of the proposal of the Soviet of Ministers of the USSR on this matter.

V. Kalmykov

A. Red’kin

D. Ustinov



Soviet Minister Pervukhin writes regarding assistance to the Chinese with the set up of radio equipment and technical specialists. They also need assistance with maintaining tropical equipment, and he suggests sending specialists to the Paris Exhibition to learn more.


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RGAE f. 8157, op. 1 1957, d. 1991, l. 20-21. Obtained and translated for CWIHP by Austin Jersild.


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