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Letter to the Deputy Chairman of the Soviet Committee of the MGG, Prof. Pushkov

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from Peking


TO THE DEPUTY CHAIRMAN OF THE Soviet COMMITTEE OF THE MGG [International Geophysical Year]


to Prof. PUSHKOV


In reply to your telegram I would like to express to you [my] sincere gratitude for your great concern for the cause of science in our country and I inform you of our opinion concerning the question you touched upon, namely that Taiwan is part of the territory of China, and it only one of the provinces of the People’s Republic of China, and only its occupation by the American imperialists has led to the creation of the current situation, which is temporary, but at the same time no question exists about partition. The Chinese people should liberate and will definitely liberate Taiwan. The US and the other imperialist countries are hatching and intensifying the scheme of two Chinas, with the aid of which they not only dream of legalizing the illegal occupation of Taiwan by America for a long time, but also cherish the unrealizable hope that China will fall into the trap they have set. By doing so they obscure the perception of China in the world and weaken the influence and authority of the new China. By virtue of the above reasons the struggle against the scheme of two Chinas is the main constituent part of our common struggle against imperialism and chiefly against American imperialism. This is our main position, in which in no case can an ambiguity be permitted.


The mistaken decision of the KSAZhI [Translator’s note: expansion unknown] Bureau that the KSAZhI accepted the People’s Republic of China in 1956 and the so-called Taipei Central Academy [Academia Sinica] in 1957 clearly show the conscious intention to put the organization of international scientific cooperation at the service of American imperialism, supporting its idea of creating the scheme of two Chinas. The Chinese people and Chinese scientists vigorously oppose such a mistaken decision. In addition, I would like to touch on the principle expressed in your telegram, that “be guided by the invitation to all countries taking part in the MGG when putting MGG committees in the list of official participants of the MGG”. Based on the premise, this principle is fundamentally inapplicable to the situation of China and one of its provinces, Taiwan, which we have never recognized as a country. Only the National MGG Committee is the sole organization representing China, which makes the implementation of the four conditions mentioned in your telegram impossible, and also the possibility of our final goal – the annulment of the Bureau’s decision about the participation of two Chinese committees in the MGG…which you expressed in the telegram based on friendly feelings and brotherly concern.


We think that the only correct way is the annulment of the mistaken decision adopted by the KSAZhI in 1957 and the expulsion of the Chiang Kai-shek clique from the MGG; otherwise we will resolutely refuse to take party in any KSAZhI activity. We quite value and trust that you will understand and completely support our firm position.


Zhu Gangkun





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RGANI, f. 5, op. 49, d. 131, ll. 193-194. Translated by Gary Goldberg.


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