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November 10, 1986

Letter, East German Minister of State Security Mielke to KGB Chairman Viktor Chebrikov

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Berlin, 10 November 1986


Member of the Politburo
of the Central Committee of the CPSU
of the Committee for State Security
of the USSR
Comrade Army General V. M. CHEBRIKOV


M o s c o w



Dear Comrade Chebrikov!


Respective organs of the Ministry for State Security of the GDR perform[ed] intensive work concerning early recognition of adversarial intentions of attack and surprise (Complex RYAN), as well as pertaining to further development of this complex.


On April 23, 1986 a report on this issue was sent to your deputy and head of the 1st Main Directorate of the KGB, Comrade Colonel General Kryuchkov. It informed about the status of fulfillment regarding measures for Complex RYAN, and it contained a couple of questions on further development of the system of early recognition of tension-related signs. Simultaneously, the proposal was made to have a short-term consultation on this matter between competent representatives of our two organs.


A thorough study of the three reports (the most recent one in October 1986) on Complex RYAN submitted so far [by the MfS to the KGB] hardened our position to have a consultation on this issue – in the interest of continuation and further perfection of related work under this framework, and in particular in the interest of further development of required collaboration between the lines in charge at MfS and KGB.


I ask you, dear Comrade Chebrikov, to consent to this, and to let us know on working level at what date respective comrades from your organs can be expected in Berlin.


I thank you very much in advance for your support.


With socialist greetings
Army General


This letter, from East German Minister of State Security Mielke to KGB Chairman Chebrikov, requests a consultation on the development and continuation of Complex RYAN, especially on furthering collaboration between the MfS and KGB.

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BStU, MfS, ZAIG, Nr. 6761, S. 7-8. Translated by Bernd Schaefer.


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