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Letter from George B. Murphy, Jr., Fred J. Carrier, and Joseph Brandt



160 Fifth Avenue, Room 809, New York, N.Y. 10010 • Telephone: 242-0240


Dear Friend:


Following is a letter sent to all members of Congress.


As an American actively engaged in helping to preserve the peace of the world, by supporting and contributing your efforts towards detente and peaceful co-existence, we appeal to you to join with the signers of the "Letter to Congress" by personally sending a letter to your local representative, by soliciting from among your family, your neighbors, your shopmates, your friends in the community, to similarly send letters to their respective Congressmen and Senators.


In addition to mailing this letter to all members of Congress, we have also sent it to the heads and cultural attaches of the United Nations delegations, to the chief representatives of the media in our country-radio, TV, newspapers and to the entire university press, to the trade union and Black peoples press.


We suggest that you try to influence your local trade union, community organization, religious congregations and other [sic] peoples organizations, to express their sentiments and desire for peace by supporting the main theme of the “Letter to Congress." After reading this document please give it to a relative, neighbor, friend, shopmate, fellow passenger on subway, bus, railroad or plane; please do not throw it away.


The enclosed self-addressed envelope is for your convenience if you should desire to subscribe, or wish a sample copy of Korea Focus, and/or, if you wish, to send a contribution and receive additional information about us.


Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation. We remain,


Sincerely yours,



George B. Murphy, Jr.

Fred J. Carrier

Co-Chairmen, AKFIC


Joseph Brandt

Executive Director, AKFIC

Editor, Korea Focus



P.S. We take this opportunity to thank sincerely all the signers of the “Letter to Congress” for their cooperation.



The AKFIC's leadership calls on readers to lobby the U.S. Congress and other organizations to improve U.S.-North Korea relations.

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Enclosed in Korea Focus 3, no. 1 (August-September 1974). Obtained by Brandon Gauthier.


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