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June 2, 1945

Letter from L. Beria to Cde. I.V. Stalin of the State Defense Committee and Cde. V.M. Molotov of the Council of People's Commissars

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Nº 1-1. p. 353


Top Secret

Copy. 3

2 June 1945 [to the] STATE DEFENSE Committee

N 629/b to Cde. I. V. STALIN

[to the] SNK SSSR [Council OF PEOPLE'S COMMISSARS] - to Cde. V. M. MOLOTOV

The USSR NKVD has received a report that in a conversation with Lt. Col. of State Security Cde. PROKOPYUK on 28 May of this year, Alihan Tore SHAKIRJAN, the Chairman of the Provisional Government of East Turkestan, persistently suggested to the latter the need to renew active operations of the rebels, beginning these actions with the expulsion of the Chinese from Jinghe [Jing] and sending partisan groups into Tarbagatai [Tacheng] District and the south of Xinjiang to spread the rebel movement.

According to SHAKIRJAN's statement, the lack of active operations on the part of the rebels is having an adverse effect on the mood of Muslims and helps the Chinese demoralize the rebel mood among the Muslim population beyond Ili [Yili] District. In SHAKIRJAN's words, the agitation of the Chinese that "wolves in sheep's clothing" are acting as champions of Islam in Ghulja [Yining] is beginning to find support.

According to the report of Cde. PROKOPYUK, during the meeting of SHAKIRJAN was clearly nervous and persistently stressed the flexibility of the Chinese foreign and domestic policy throughout the entire conversation.

The USSR NKVD and NKID [People's Commissariat of Foreign Affairs] (Cde. Vyshinsky) submitted their proposals concerning further measures in Xinjiang in their 29 April 1945 report Nº 507/b.

Please consider these proposals and give your instructions.



of the USSR


Two copies [printed]


[1 -] to the addressee

[2 -] Cde. Lyudvigov


Authenticated: Chernyshova


Basis: index 54. N 54/00/21 of 31 May 1945

[Typed by] Okuneva 2 June 1945


Beria describes a meeting between NKVD Lt. Col. Prokopyuk and Shakirjan at which Shakirjan suggested renewing active rebel operations, emphasizing that the lack of combat is beginning to demoralize the Muslim population.


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GARF, Fond 9401ss, Opis' 2, Delo 100. Obtained by Jamil Hasanli and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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