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December 5, 1957

Letter No. 101 from the President (Syngman Rhee) to Minister Duk Shin Choi

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December 5, 1957

No. 101


TO: Minister Duk Shin Choi

FROM: The President


Thank you for your, Weekly Report Number 064 dated November 22nd and for the enclosures received with it.


I have read with much interest your report of Kishi’s visit to Vietnam. You may recall that I cautioned President Ngo about his dealings with the Japanese and from your report I note that he and his government have done all they could to show the Japanese that they are neither trusted nor welcome yet.


I am so pleased you were able to show our movies to such an important gathering and from the attendance I gathered that the people had been looking forward to seeing the pictures and really enjoyed them.


It is most unfortunate that the kingdom of Laos has formed a coalition government. The easiest way to take possession of a country is by infiltration tactics and it won't be long before Laos will be lost to the free world.


Your report on the Cambodian government and also on Malay is also noted. All these countries are under the Red shadow and therefore it will be difficult for the governments to retain their independence.


A report[1] from Manila this morning states that President Garcia supports the entry of Japan, Formosa and Korea to the Seato pact. In case you have a chance to meet the Philippines Minister I wish you would tell him that Japan cannot be counted on as an anti-Communist nation. No doubt you have read the mimeographed report about Japan's trade with north Korea.


I wish the Philippine government would not follow the leadership of America to make Japan bigger and stronger than she ever was by getting her into this organization which Japan will sooner or later dominate with American support. You have to be tactful when talking with the Philippine representative about this.






[1]Korea Times – Dec. 4

President Rhee briefly responds to Choi's, expressing concern for the Laos and Philippine governments and remarking on President Diem's dealings with Japan.


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