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July 27, 1934

Letter from Stalin to Cde. G. Apresov, Consul General in Urumqi

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Sheng Shicai's letter made a depressing impression on our comrades. Only a provocateur or an hopeless "leftist" having no idea about Marxism could have written it. What could have happened that Sheng, having such an adviser as you, could have written us (me, Molotov, and Voroshilov) such a letter?


We are sending Sheng a suitable letter, but Cde. Svanidze will pass you a copy of our reply.


You should explain to Sheng the meaning of our reply and take steps so that the instructions given in our reply are followed.


I warn that if our instructions are not taken into consideration we will be forced to deny aid to Sheng.


The charter of the Union is not bad, but paragraph five about "equal rights" for women is not suitable for Xinjiang conditions and should be discarded.






27 July 1934


[a handwritten version of the above follows]



Stalin compares Sheng Shicai, Governor of Xinjiang, to "a provocateur or an hopeless 'leftist'."


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RGASPI f. 558 op. 11 d. 323, l. 22-25. Obtained by Jamil Hasanli and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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