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September 10, 1962

Letter, A. Stepunin to Comrade A.K. Narzikulov

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Union of Soviet Societies of Friendship and Cultural Ties with Foreign Countries

Department of Middle and Near Eastern Countries


10 September 1962


To the Chairman of the Presidium of the Tajik Society of Friendship and Cultural Ties with Foreign Countries comrade A.K. Narzikulov


Dushanbe, Prospket Lenina, 42


In connection with the plan of the Union of Soviet Societies of Friendship regarding sending specialized tour groups abroad your society is supposed to prepare 4 candidates for a trip to the UAR and Saudi Arabia. The departure of this group was scheduled for November 15.


Because visiting these countries appears to be impossible, we ask you to recommend 4 candidates for a new itinerary:


Moscow-Paris /2 days/ - Rabat and other Moroccan cities /6 days/ - Tunis and other cities in the Tunisian republic /5 days/ - Rome / 2 days / - Prague /2 days / - Moscow.


The departure of this group is planned for December of this year. The cost of the trip, including overland transport, service costs, and the costs of foreign currency is estimated to be 650 rubles.


It is desirable that among the candidates selected by you there would be at least one woman who could talk about changes in the lives of Tajikistan’s women during meeting with members of the public in Tunisia and Morocco. In general, in selecting candidates it is important to keep in mind that participants in the trip should be able to speak about Tajikistan’s achievements in agriculture, industry, science, and culture. If it is possible please also select candidates from among the artists and writers of the republic.


Deputy Director of Department

A. Stepunin.



The Soviet Societies of Friendship and Cultural Ties with Foreign Countries asks Tajikistan to nominate members for trips to the Middle East.


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TsGART, f. 1505, op. 1, d. 80, l. 21. Obtained and translated by Artemy Kalinovsky.


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