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May 14, 1957

Letter from Syngman Rhee to Ngo Dinh Diem

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May 14, 1957


My dear Mr. President:


It is my very great pleasure to extend on behalf of the Government of' the Republic of Korea a cordial invitation to your Excellency to make a state visit to Korea at your convenience.


My people and our Government value the friendship and partnership or the Republic of Viet-Nam as we face together the problems of young Republics in Asia struggling to keep our hard-won freedoms to achieve the blessings of freedom for all the people of our divided nations, and to attain goals worthy of newly independent nations dedicated to a democratic way of life. Your Excellency’s visit to Korea would strengthen the goodwill which happily exists between our national and would further demonstrate the unity of the free nations of Asia in their indomitable resistance against the forces or Communist aggression.


I avail myself of this opportunity to renew the assurances of our friendship and highest esteem.


Sincerely yours,




/s/ Syngman Rhee



His Excellency

Ngo Dinh Diem

President of the Republic of Viet-Nam

Saigon, Viet-Nam




A cordial invitation letter from Syngman Rhee to Ngo Dinh Diem to visit South Korea.


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B-330-036, The Korean Legation in Vietnam, Reports from the Korean Mission to the United Nations and Republic of Korea Embassies and Legations, Syngman Rhee Institute, Yonsei University.


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