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March 28, 1963

Letter from Velebil to 2nd Department of the 1st Directorate, 'Abstract from the Telegram no. 80 from Havana from 25 March 1963'

Prague, 28 March 1963

2nd department of the 1st Directorate
Re: abstract from the telegram no. 80 from Havana from 25 March 1963


Our resident [chief agent] says that friends [code name for the Soviets] are establishing a trade mission in British Guiana. Friends are asking if we have any secret code connection with Georgetown. They think that there will be some problems with the connection and therefore they are asking if we have a connection. If yes, they are asking if they could in some cases use it. I told them that we do not have such a connection, but at this time we are negotiating some trade connection and could be establishing our mission in BG. The resident [chief agent] is asking to inform the friends.




To Havana was written:
We will not have a mission in BG in foreseeable time. But it could be possible that the Soviets will have it and thus ask IVAN and inform the friends


This message was made twice
1 x to file 0723
1 x British Guiana


Message regarding a Soviet telegram to the Czechoslovak intelligence service. The Soviets or "friends" want to establish a trade mission in British Guiana and ask if Czechoslovakia has any current connection, which they do not but hope to establish one in the near future.


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Archiv bezpečnostních složek (ABS), fond I. správy SNB – operativní svazky, reg. č. 11667, Výpis ze zprávy č. 80 z Havany ze dne 25. 3. 1963, 28. března 1963. Obtained and translated for CWIHP by Robert Waters and Jan Koura.


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