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March 9, 1963

Letter to Walter Ulbricht on the Brazilian Communist Party

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Cde. Ulbricht

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Foreign Policy
and Intl. Relations

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Honorable Comrade Ulbricht!

Comrade Loesch informed us from Havana about a meeting he had with the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Brazil, Comrade Luis Carlos Prestes, and two additional members of the Central Committee at our embassy.

Comrde Prestes first asked to convey to you his warmest greetings.

As Comrade Loesch assessed, the delegation of the Brazilian Communist Party to our 6th Party Congress gave a positive report [of it] in Rio de Janeiro and informed Prestes of the important questions.

Comrade Prestes emphasized that from 28-30 March [1963] in Rio de Janeiro, a continental solidarity conference for Cuba will be held and suggested that a delegation from the GDR be sent. (A presentation for the Secretariat is currently being prepared.)

Comrade Prestes reported that the purpose of his trip to Cuba was to lead discussions with the secretariat of the national leadership of the United Revolutionary Organizations (ORI). He had personal conversations with Fidel Castro, Blas Roca, as well as [the person] responsible for the economic development of Cuba, Carlos Rafael Rodriguez. There, Cde. Prestes attempted to clarify differences of opinion on political actions and the importance of the CP Brazil. He assessed that Fidel Castro had become more personally understanding than before, however, the Brazilian delegation found Carlos Rafael Rodriguez the most understanding. Cde. Prestes determined that the position of the Brazilian peasant leader Francisco Juliao is greatly overestimated by the Cuban comrades and that his influence on the Brazilian peasantry is greatly exaggerated. Cde. Prestes raised the point that Francisco Juliao has large financial resources, which have their source in Cuba or possibly a different power. Francisco Juliao has therefore been attacked on many occasions in Brazil and partially discredited. In addition, his policies are very sectarian.

Comrade Prestes, during his stay in Cuba, also visited the Chinese embassy and, on behalf of the party, expressed outrage that Radio China, in Portuguese, supported splinter groups that were ejected from the Party and that the Chinese agency Xinhua spread articles and newspaper reports from this group. In addition, a member of the Central Committee of the CP Brazil will specially raise the problem in Beijing.

Cde. Prestes departed on March 7th from Havana and will stop in Moscow for two days on his world trip.

We have still not received an answer to the invitation to Berlin.

With socialist greetings



An official in the GDR Foreign Policy and International Relations department reports on a meeting with General Secretary of the Communist Party of Brazil, Comrade Luis Carlos Prestes, in Havana.

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SAPMO-BArch, NY 4182/1290. Obtained for CWIHP by Jim Hershberg and translated by Sean O'Grady.


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