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February 1, 1968

Lt. Col. J. Załuska, 'Record of a Conversation with SRR Military Attaché Lt. Cmdr Voicu during a Reception with the USSR Military Attaché and Subsequent Ones'

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IPN bu 2602/7974

IPN BU 648/26

Att. to No. 034/02/68


[stamp] 20 Feb. 1968



Copy number: 1



the contents of the record

does not go beyond the

information sent via cable



of a conversation with SRR military attaché Lt. Cmdr Voicu

during a reception with the USSR military attaché and subsequent ones


The SRR military attaché Lt. Cmdr. Voicu informed me that the relations between the DPRK and the PRC are not as bad as they appear to be and how they write about it. In his opinion China execute the deliveries as per the trade agreement. He is aware that there were certain interruptions of deliveries in the fourth quarter, but they were not a result of China’s desire to break the agreement or fail to honor it, but it was indeed, interpreted as something as big as stoppage of deliveries.


According to information as his disposal China delivered and still supplies the DPRK with automatic weapons, artillery pieces, tanks, and aircraft. What quantity and what types – he does not know.


According to the information that he received from the Chinese military attaché, in the event of a conflict China will offer the DPRK all kinds of help, and that in the opinion of the Chinese military attaché the DPRK is not yet ready to liberate South Korea in a military sense.


The Chinese military attaché also said that the incidents in Seoul could be related to the seizure of the USS Pueblo, because the DPRK had long (i.e. since 12 Dec. 1967) been following its moves.


That China supplies the DPRK with weapons the Romanian ambassador informed the CSSR ambassador, Golub.


It was only recently that the SRR military attaché Lt. Cmdr. Voicu disclosed his contacts with the Chinese military attaché. Earlier on he had claimed that he had no contact. He claims that they did not get in touch until the Pueblo controversy.


                                                       Military attaché of the Embassy of the

People’s Republic of Poland

Lt. Col. J. Załuska



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According to Romanian sources, China is still supplying the DPRK with weapons and artillery pieces. China also promised they will offer the DPRK all kinds of help in the event of a conflict on the peninsula.

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AIPN, 2602/7974. Obtained by Marek Hańderek and translated by Jerzy Giebułtowski.


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