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February 4, 1968

Lt. Col. J. Załuska, 'Record: Information received from Military Attaché Col. Goch (CSSR)'

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Ipn bu 2602/7974

IPN BU 648/26

Att. To N. 034/2/2168

[stamp] February 20, 1968                                  


Secret 43

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Information received from military attaché Col. Goch (CSSR)


1) In the DPRK 17 factories work only for the military, while [another] 18 factories can be switched to military production at any time. Most of the 17 factories are located underground and in the mountains.


In the DPRK, the fact that factories are located underground is well known. Several arms  factories were visited by the Hungarians. I am expecting more detailed information.


2) The DPRK has plenty of machinery purchased for foreign currency. Such transaction are made via the Korean Trade Mission in France, where it also owns a bank account. Some machines do not work yet, because there are no trained operators.


He received this information from his traders and specialists, who as they were purchasing various machinery visited many factories and saw such machines there. He finds it hard to determine the location of the factories because the specialists mentioned above are brought in by car. Their inability to speak the language makes it impossible to identify the destination.


Military attaché of the

Embassy of the

People’s Republic

of Poland

Lt. Col. J. Załuska



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Number in typescript ledger: 16, 4 Feb.1968



North Korean factories can be switched to military production at any time. Most of the factories were located underground.

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AIPN, 2602/7974. Obtained by Marek Hańderek and translated by Jerzy Giebułtowski.


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