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January 15, 1986

Meeting between the International Olympic Committee President and the DPRK’s National Olympic Committee on North Korea’s participation in the 1988 Olympic games

(stamped confidential)


Lausanne, 15th January 1986 – 10.30 hours

Persons present :

For the IOC

H.E. Mr. Juan Antonio SAMARANCH, IOC President

For the NOC of the DPR Korea

Mr. Chung Guk CHIN, Vice-President of the NOC of DPR Korea
Mr. Deuk Kil KIM, member of the NOC
Youn Myeung JIN, First Secretary, DPR Korea Mission, Geneva.

The IOC President answered the questions raised by the delegation of the NOC of the DPR Korea during the meeting of 13th January 1986.

1. Sports events to be held in Pyong Yang

The IOC President stated that the three sports which had been mentioned by the delegation of the NOC of DPR Korea during the informal meeting on 9th January 1986, were football, table tennis and archery.

However, the IOC President stressed that he was not able to contact the IFs concerned before the NOC of DPR Korea had confirmed its intention to participate in the Games in Seoul. The delegation had informed Mr. Siperco that a definitive reply would be given on 10th January 1986, but the IOC was still awaiting this confirmation.

2. Joint team

The IOC President felt that talks regarding a joint team should commence between the two Koreas as soon as possible. If the first meeting failed, then the IOC would consider appointing an IOC representative to be present at the discussions.

3. Torch relay

The IOC President explained that for each edition of the Olympic Games a flame was lit in Olympia, Greece, and relayed to the host city of the Games by a series of runner. Each Olympiad had its own torches and the IOC President showed the delegation the torches used for Sarajevo and Los Angeles.

The exact itinerary of the flame was not yet fixed, but the IOC President stated that if the NOC of the DPR Korea wished for the flame to pass through North Korea this could probably be arranged.

4. Name to be given to the competitions held in Pyong Yang

The IOC President believed that for those competitions held in Pyong-Yang it would be possible to say “24th Olympic Games in Pyong-Yang”. However, there were still many small matters subject to study by the IOC.

The IOC President pointed out that much work would be necessary on the part of the IOC in order to have the agreement of the IOC members, IFs and Organising Committee in Seoul and there were still many questions to be resolved and discussed.

6. Next meeting

The IOC President stated that he was ready to meet with the delegation of the NOC of DPR Korea as many times as necessary.

A further meeting with the delegation was arranged for 20th January 1986 at 16.00 hours.

The delegation of the NOC of DPR Korea asked whether the NOC of the Republic of Korea had given its approval for the staging of three sports events in the DPR Korea. The IOC President replied that this was a problem for the IOC and it was first necessary to have the firm commitment of the NOC of the DPR Korea, then contact the Ifs concerned.

The delegation also wondered if it would be possible to increase the number of sports staged by the DPR Korea, to which the President pointed out that the staging of three full events was already very difficult to arrange.

The IOC President advised the NOC of the DPR Korea that it should be present at the meetings in Seoul in April. He felt that DPR Korea’s failure to attend the meeting with the NOCs could result in the isolation of the NOC of DPR Korea.

Notes on a meeting between IOC President Samaranch and members of the North Korean Olympic Committee. The group discusses potential events held in Pyongyang, the itinerary of the torch flame and a potential joint team effort between North and South Korea.

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International Olympic Committee Archives (Switzerland), SEOUL’ 88, POLITICAL MATTERS, DE 1982 A MAI 86. Obtained for NKIDP by Sergey Radchenko.


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