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June 30, 1945

Meeting between Marshal Stalin and Dr. Soong

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No. l. Meeting between Marshal Stalin and Dr. Soong



Marshal Stalin Dr. [T.V.] Soong

Mr. Molotov Ambassador Fu

Mr. Petrov Dr. Victor Hoo


Interpreter Pavlov


Date: June 30th, 1945 6:30 - 6: 45 p.m.



Marshal Stalin first asked Dr. Soong whether he had a good trip, and then asked about the health of President Chiang [Kai-shek].


Dr. Soong replied that he has been travelling a good deal from America to China and vice versa. He said that President Chiang was in excellent health and asked him to hand over to Marshal Stalin a personal letter. Dr. Soong thereupon gave that letter to Marshal Stalin.


Stalin asked about the military operations in China against Japan.


Dr. Soong said that the Chinese armies have been advancing. The Japanese are maintaining certain key points but are retreating from elsewhere.


Stalin asked where General Chang Fah-kwei [Zhang Fakui] was, and whether he had ever left the National Government.


Dr. Soong replied that General Chang Fah-kwei is in command of the troops in Kwangsi [Guangxi], that he has never left the National Government, and that he had been fighting with him ever since 1923.


Stalin asked Dr. Soong whether he wanted to begin to talk business today or another day.


Dr. Soong said that Marshal Stalin's wish would be his wish.


Stalin said that the host will abide with the wishes of the guest.


Dr. Soong said that he would like today to first make a statement on his general attitude. When he had the honor to work under Dr. Sun Yat-sen in the National Revolution, there was the closest cooperation between Soviet Russia and China. Then he had a personal opportunity to see what was going on. The hope of all the Chinese beginning from the Generalissimo [Chiang Kai-shek] is that such cooperation should continue. Our relations with Soviet Russia are of an exceptional importance to us. Without the thorough understanding and the sympathy between China and Soviet Russia, China would have no chance in reconstruction. Therefore, if not only for historical reasons, but also for objective reasons, it is important for us to resume a close contact with your great country. The Generalissimo charged him to come on this mission so that he could talk most frankly with Marshal Stalin and his assistants. He hoped to be able to exchange opinions in perfect frankness without the usual politeness of diplomatic ways. If he is honored with Marshal Stalin's confidence in this mission, he would be most grateful.


Stalin said: You can count on our full support. What you said on China's position is also our position. There are new people in power in Russia. In the past, Russia wanted an alliance with Japan in order to break up China. Now, we want an alliance with China to curb Japan. This position of ours has been proved by a number of facts. I think we shall be able to arrive at an agreement. I am sure of it.


Dr. Soong said he is happy to hear of the sentiments of Marshal Stalin.


Marshal Stalin said: You do not need to have any doubt about it.






Stalin and Chinese Minister Soong discuss the necessity of warm relations between China and the Soviet Union; Stalin pledges to support China's position.

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