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May 11, 1979

Meeting Report on Meeting with Informal Contact "Reza" about the Situation among Iranian Emigres

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Service Unit: Main Department XX/AGA

Date: 11.5.79

Meeting Report

Category/Cover Name: IC Reza

10-12 am

Meeting Place
Safe House "K.Mueller"


Next meeting on 14.6.79
Time 15:00

Meeting Place
Safe House "K.Mueller"

Meeting Preparation

Meeting was planned.
Main focus: situation among Iranian emigres

Meeting Assessment:

The IC handed over translations of foreign publications on the situation in Iran.

On the situation among Iranian emigres the IC reported that the majority of the functionaries of the Party have gone off to Iran. There a resolution on this from the Central Committee (list of those who have left is attached).
On the individuals who remain in the GDR, most are for reasons related to family--there are no instructions from the Party. These individuals have been abandoned.

New assignment and connections

The possibilies of the IC's return to Iran was discussed. The IC appeared indecisive on this question, but wants to follow our interests primarily. The IC sees the following problems with a return to Iran:
-until now he has not had a passport
-career in Iran
-Housing problems
-His isolation from the Party leadership

It was determined:
1. The IC will take care of obtaining an Iranian passport through the Iranian Embassy. The problem is that there are no new passports.

2. If he obtains a passport, he will then travel to Iran for a visit, and familiarize himself with the situation there and prepare for his final return.

Notes from the supervisor

The IC "Reza" shared on 10.5.79 that as of now the following Iranian emigres have traveled regularly to Iran on the order of the Party:

Kianuri and his wife, 1st Secretary of the Party
Eskandari, former 1st Secretary of the Party
Tabari, Secretary for Propaganda
Khorb (Ghodway), Member of the Central Committee
[redacted], Secretary of the Central Committee
Jodat, Employee in the office in Leipzig
Iprahimi, ""
[redacted], ""
Pourhomuosan, ""
[redacted], ""
[redacted], ""
[redacted], ""
Behzadi, ""

Soon other emigres will return to Iran, e.g. [redacted]

Prof. Alavi stayed for several weeks in Iran, but has come back to the GDR

An informal collaborator reports that Tudeh Party functionaries in the GDR have largely returned to Iran and discusses the possibility of his own return to Iran.

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