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October 2, 1957

Meeting of the Representatives of the Chinese Delegation at the Ministry of Defense Industry

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Of the meeting of the representatives of the Chinese delegation and workers of the Ministry of Defense Industry, from 2 October 1957



We now will try to shed light on the questions raised in the specialized memorandum.  Cde. Illarionov will present a few words.



All of the basic components that comprise the S-75 system relate to the radio technology industry.  This includes all the fundamental radio machinery and equipment that goes into the cockpit.  The radio technology industry also relates to the production of the components which make up the starting installation, including those components of an automated starter.  The components which automatically prepared the rockets signal its preparedness to start.


The radio technology industry also handles the basic equipment that makes up the control-measuring mobile station.  The control-measuring stations are under the technical division, serving the S-75 station.  All the control-measuring apparatus of the station comes from the radio technological industry.


The radio technological industry contributes various goods for the composition of the rockets; above all this includes radio administration systems and radio detonator fuses; auto-pilots, which for rockets must be prepared in implement-construction factories, are universal, and include blocks which relate to the radio technological industry and precise mechanical blocks, including gyroscopic ones.


It is worth noting that the apparatus of the radio detonator fuse, the radio administration system, and especially the autopilots, require much difficult work during the process of production, as they are tiny (gabarity) and their weight is small.  The process of production will be unpleasant, regarding the preparation of these three goods:  the autopilots, the radio detonator fuses, and the radio system—it is necessary to pay special attention [to this].


Cde. Zverev:

What questions will be there for this section?


Chinese delegation:

What special radio lamps and radio details are used in these processes, to which we should pay special attention?



[A discussion ensues of specialized topics in the radio technology industry.]


Soviet Ministry of Defense Industry representative, Illarionov, explains to the Chinese delegation the radio technology industry’s role in the construction of rockets and components of the S-75 system.


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RGAE f. 8157, op. 1, 1957, d. 1991, l. 171-183. Obtained and translated for CWIHP by Austin Jersild.


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