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October 25, 1962

Memorandum of Conversation between Mexican Foreign Ministry Official and Canadian Ambassador, Mexico City

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Mexico, D.F., 25 October 1962


The Ambassador of Canada visited the Second Undersecretary Campos Ortiz. He dealt with the following:


That the government of Canada has dictated the necessary provisions so that airplanes with a Cuban flag that land in Canadian territory will be inspected, in search of weapons. That this will proceed as such in accordance with provisions contained in international agreements, according to which civilian airplanes are not allowed to transport arms unless previous approval is obtained. The Ambassador added that the above is independent of the provisions also dictated by the Canadian authorities, to the effect that Russian airplanes will not be permitted to fly over Canadian territory nor land at Canadian airports.


The Ambassador asked what was the meaning of the reservation that Mexico had made when the vote was being taken by the [OAS] Provisional Consultation Organ in its session in Washington on the 23rd of the current month, against the Resolution that the United States presented.


Campos Ortiz answered that in the vote on the second paragraph, Mexico abstained because the said paragraph mentions the possible use of armed forces, being that the employment or use of armed forces outside national territory, is not under the Executive’s authority, but requires previous authorization by Congress. Campos Ortiz noted that Mexico had voted in favor of the Resolution overall.


P.C.O. [Pablo Campos Ortiz]


A meeting between the Mexican Foreign Ministry official and the Ambassador to Canada. The Canadian Ambassador says that planes from Cuba landing in Canada will be inspected for weapons, no planes from the Soviet Union will be allowed to flyover or land in Canada, and questions why the Mexican government voted the way it did on the US Resolution. To which the Mexican official replied that there were concerns over the use of military force against Cuba.


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Archivo Histórico Diplomático Genaro Estrada, Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, Mexico City. Obtained by James Hershberg, translated by Eduardo Baudet and Tanya Harmer.


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