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February 2, 1953

Memorandum of Conversation, Soviet Ambassador to China, A.S. Paniushkin, with the Bulgarian Ambassador, Ia.K. Petkov, 5 January 1953

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SECRET.  Copy No.1

2 February 1953

No. 221



Soviet Ambassador to the PRC, A.S. Paniushkin, with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, Ia.K. Petkov, 5 January 1953


Today there was a visit with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, Ia.K. Petkov.  The conversation for the most part went according to protocol, in the course of which Petkov told about how he was in prison in during the second world war, from which he was sent to a concentration camp in Greece.  At the end of the war he managed to escape from the camp together with his other comrades—at the time important government workers of Bulgaria.

Characterizing the rapid growth of the economy of Bulgaria and noting the great help of the Soviet Union, Petkov explained how industry in Bulgaria had increased some five times since 1940, and the standard of living of the population increased some three times.




2 February 1953


The Bulgarian Ambassador to China Petkov describes his time as a prisoner of war in Greece during WWII as well as the rapid growth of the Bulgarian economy since 1940.

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AVPRF f. 0100, op. 46, 1953, p. 362, d. 12, l. 8. Obtained and translated for CWIHP by Austin Jersild.


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