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October 30, 1962

Memorandum from Seymour Weiss, Office of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, to Jeffrey Kitchen, 'Turkish IRBM Trade-Off'

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G/PM [Office of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs]

October 30, 1962

TO: G/PM – Mr. [Jeffrey] Kitchen

FROM: G/PM – Mr. [Seymour] Weiss

SUBJECT: Turkish IRBM Trade-Off

I am told that the word is circulating in EUR [European Affairs Bureau] to the effect that not only is the “Turkish Trade-Off” still very much alive, but indeed that the President has strongly pronounced himself as favoring the proposition. I have told EUR that to my knowledge such a proposition was rejected (as Bill Tyler was informed by UAJ), and I had no subsequent information which would verify that the issue had been re-raised or was now being considered favorably.

I think it is important that we get an accurate reading on this matter, and, if our previous information as presented to us by Alex remains valid as US policy, steps should be taken to make this unequivocally clear to UAR.

I suggest we check this out with Alex immediately.


That some officials in the State Department’s European Affairs bureau were convinced that Kennedy had approved a trade of the Jupiters in Turkey puzzled State Department official Seymour Weiss, who was convinced that the higher-ups has rejected a trade. In this memo, Weiss asked a colleague, Jeffrey Kitchen, to get an “accurate reading” on the matter.


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National Archives and Records Administration, Record Group 59, Deputy Under Secretary of State for Politico-Military Affairs Subject Files, 1961-1968, Box 3, Cuba - Turkish and Italian IRBMs Jupiters. Contributed by Bill Burr and Leopoldo Nuti.


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