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December 20, 1945

Message to Bagirov from General-Lieutenant Korzhenevich

[stamp:] HQ, [Baku] Military District, Intelligence Department, December 45, No 00393, Baku


Top Secret

Copy No 1


to the Secretary of the CC CP/b/ of Azerbaijan

Cde. Bagirov


Copy: People’s Commissar of State Security of the Azerbaijan SSR


General-Major Yemel’yanov


1. The receipt of weapons from the 8th Infantry Brigade by the democrats has concluded [and] the soldiers have dispersed to [their] homes. The officer personnel of the brigade have gathered in one spot where representatives of the Democratic Party are conversing with them. Meetings organized by the Democratic Party are being held in the city.


2. At 0745 19 December 45 the following took off from Tabriz to Tehran on a “Douglas” aircraft: the former commander of the 3rd Infantry Division, Brigade General Derakhshani, with a group of his officers: the Chief of Staff Verakhram, the Chief of Intelligence Amin, the Chief of the Quartermaster Service Khashab Shakhidi, [and] Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Ataula. Besides the above, Nezeshpur, Nudibir, and Mugedgan left; their posts are not known. The national government gave permission for the flight.


3. The Azerbaijani people welcome the creation of the national government. The newspaper “Azerbaijan” is systematically printing numerous letters and telegrams. In the issue of 19 December messages of greetings were published from the cities of Tabriz, Salmas, Maragheh, Azarshekh, Ahar, and others. A meeting was held in Ardebil’ at which more than a thousand people were present. The newspaper is citing a message of greeting adopted at the meeting in which it says: “The 21st of Azar – the day of the opening of the national Majlis – is a historic holiday for the Azerbaijani people. Now we can begin our new happy life for which we have been struggling for many years”.


4. All is quiet in the remaining garrisons of the 4th Army


Chief of Staff of the Baku Military District


General-Lieutenant  Korzhenevich


20 December 1945 [signed by a colonel – surname illegible]


3 copies


[vs.] 459


Korzhenevich reports about the military situation in Iranian Azerbaijan and response to the creation of the new separatist government.


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GAPPOD, f.1, op.89. Obtained for CWIHP by Jamil Hasanli and translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.


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