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Message to the CC CPSU from General Secretary of the CC of the People’s Party of Iran Radmanesh

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Dear Comrades!


Comrades Bograti, Kasemi, and Frutan, members of the Executive Committee of the People’s Party of Iran now in Moscow, in their report about the situation in Iranian Azerbaijan reported about the numerous difficulties which the People’s Party of Iran have had to deal with in their work in this province.


We are attaching the above report to this letter and request you examine its content.


The undersigned, having discussed this report, have decided to bring to your attention their ideas on this issue.


The Democratic Party of Iranian Azerbaijan was created in 1945 in the special conditions of that time. After a year of democratic autonomy in Iranian Azerbaijan, as a consequence of the attack on Iranian Azerbaijan by the reactionary forces of Iran, inspired and supported by the Anglo-American imperialists, the power and activity of this Party in Iranian Azerbaijan came to an end in 1946. From that time to this, that is for over 7 years, the activity of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan has been limited to just preserving ties with the population of Iranian Azerbaijan and the entire Iranian people through radio broadcasts. In 1951 the Executive Committee of the People’s Party of Iran, for considerations described in the attached report, created an organization by the name of “The Democratic Party of Iranian Azerbaijan” in Iranian Azerbaijan. This organization is operating right now in Iranian Azerbaijan under the leadership of the People’s Party of Iran. This very fact has caused many difficulties which, as already said, have been reflected in the report; therefore we will refrain from a detailed description of them here.


In the opinion of the undersigned members of the CC of the People’s Party of Iran, if there exist no favorable conditions for the liberation of one of the Iranian nations from the yoke of imperialism and Iranian reactionaries separately from the other nations, then in ordinary conditions of struggle, according to the well-known Marxist doctrine about the necessity of not splitting the proletarian movement in a country along national lines, the organizational unity of the Party in Iran will somewhat facilitate the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal struggle of the people of Iran. The existing situation has caused numerous difficulties which have caused damage to the democratic movement in Iran.


It is understood that the People’s Party of Iran in such a multinational country as Iran considers the well-known Leninist doctrine about the right of nations to self-determination even as far as secession and the entire Leninist-Stalinist science about the nationality question as their sole guide in the area of national policy. The People’s Party of Iran considers that the leading elements of all the Iranian peoples should join in a single Party organization to bring about a popular democratic movement and the motto about the right of nations to self-determination.


We request the CC CPSU help the CC of the People’s Party of Iran in carrying out these intentions of ours if they find them valid.


We well know that there can be special circumstances and considerations which, in order to hasten the liberation of the Iranian or Azerbaijani people, would make necessary the continuation of the existing two-party situation in Iran. In such a case, just as in the past, we will follow this path with boundless sincerity and fidelity.


In case of a necessity to continue the existing situation we request attention be directed to those difficulties with which the People’s Party of Iran has had to contend regarding the questions of organization and propaganda affecting the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan and which are described in the attached report. We request you help us in the matter of eliminating these difficulties.


With genuine respect -


General Secretary of the CC of the People’s Party of Iran



Members of the CC of the People’s Party of Iran –




Attachment: “A Brief Description of the Report” [of] Cdes. Bograti, Kasemi, and Frutan.


Radmanesh reports about problems arising due to the split between the Iranian People's Party and the Democratic Party of Iranian Azerbaijan.

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GAPPOD, f. 1, s. 89, i. 187. Obtained for CWIHP by Jamil Hasanli and translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.


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