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Message to the CC CPSU from Members of the People's Party of Iran

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Translation from the Persian


in the CC CPSU


Dear Comrades!


Comrades Bograti, Kasemi, and Doctor Frutan, members of the Executive Committee of the CC of the People’s Party of Iran (NPI) who arrived not long ago in Moscow, have delivered a decision of the Executive Committee of the CC of the NPI about the need to return to Iran the members of the CC of the NPI located in Moscow.


The members of the Executive Committee of the CC of the NPI in Tehran think that the return of these comrades will seriously influence contribute to the strengthening of the Party’s leadership, improve the quality of Party work and the solution of important tasks which the NPI faces at the present time, and remove the shortage of cadre which is being keenly felt in the Party’s central bodies.


The Executive Committee of the CC of the NPI think the danger of residence in Iran of comrades now located in the USSR is not so acute as for those comrades who are working now in Iran.


We, the members of the Executive Committee of the CC of the  NPI in Moscow at our meeting of 28 October 1952 discussed this decision of the members of the Executive Committee of the CC of the  NPI and unanimously joined with it in agreement.


Therefore, we turn to the CC CPSU with the following requests:


1. Return the following comrades to Iran in the following order: Doctor Reza Radmanesh, Ehkhsan Tabari, Reza Rusta, Doctor Faridun Keshaverz, Ali Amir Khizi, and Ardeshir Avanesyan.


2. If there are no particular difficulties for the return of Cde. Abdolsamed Kambakhsh, return him to Iran.


3. Help Doctor Frutan return to Iran after his eye treatment.


4. Cde. Nushin is to remain in the Soviet Union for training.


We, the undersigned, request the CC CPSU devote attention to our requests and help improve the work of the People’s Party of Iran.


We request that at the same time as Cdes. Bograti and Kasemi return as many of the above comrades as possible are returned to Iran as you consider possible.


Doctor Radmanesh, Eh. Tabari, R. Rusta, F. Keshaverz, A. Amir Khizi, Avanesyan, M. Bograti, A. Kasemi, G. Kh. Frutan


Attested: [not filled in]


The People's Party of Iran requests the return of as many party members to Iran as possible.

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GAPPOD, f. 1, s. 89, i. 187. Obtained for CWIHP by Jamil Hasanli and translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.


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