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September 19, 1975

Message from Yugoslav Embassy in Mogadishu, 'The Soviet Ambassador Told Ours in Addis'

Federal Secretariat for Foreign Affairs SFRY




Sent: VII Administration

No: 444446

Date: 19 September 1975


SFRY Embassy Mogadishu


The Soviet ambassador told ours in Addis:


Gromyko told him that the most important thing in the work of the Soviet Union’s Ambassadors to Addis and Mogadishu is to prevent any conflict between Ethiopia and Somalia. In the opinion of the Ambassador, every conflict would be in the interest of the United States and the reactionary forces of Ethiopia and it would be used for the realization of their goals.


Somalia’s behaviour is evaluated as rather disingenuous. The Soviets even switched to Ethiopia’s side. Somalis are afraid of a strong and unified Ethiopia and therefore are acting duplicitously and insincerely.




The importance of avoiding conflict in the Horn of Africa as outlined by Soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko.


Document Information


Diplomatski Arhiv Ministarstva Spoljnih Poslova Republike Srbije [Belgrade], f. PA, Etiopija 1975, fasc. 30, dos. 16, sig. 444446. Obtained and translated by Radoslav Yordanov.


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